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A look at Wunderkind’s Fall/Winter 2012 Fashion Collection

WUNDERKIND Fall/Winter 2012 from Tivoli Entertainment on Vimeo.

Schön! has been invited to an exclusive private viewing of Wunderkind’s latest women’s collection, and naturally we wanted to share this exciting experience with all our readers. Before we get into the collection and what we thought of it, here’s a brief overview of the German fashion brand in case there are those of you who are not familiar with it.

Founded in 2003 by fashion designer Wolfgang Joop, it was first presented to a small yet distinguished audience of press and retail guests in Berlin. Joop, who is known for putting his own unique signature on everything he creates, has blended both masculine and feminine influences to create designs for Wunderkind that are structured and tailored yet soft and fluid at the same time. His collections are always created with the highest level of craftsmanship and detailing, and this latest one is no exception.

Wunderkind AW2012

Wunderkind AW2012

The Fall/Winter 2012 collection is a mix of tight-fitting pencil skirts and dresses with oversized coats and trousers in traditional autumn colours such as green, black, and brown. To spice up the colour palette, Joop has added pink, orange, and white as well as shimmering gold and animal prints to the fashion line. We at Schön! love the collection, especially the pink dress that has been layered with an oversized black coat.

This fashion line is more personal and limited than the previous ones. Only 1000 garments will be produced, which is a huge drop from the usual 10,000. Perhaps this will make the collection even more desirable. After all, Wunderkind is not created for a specific country or for a certain budget. It is designed to make women everywhere feel elegant. We don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty good to us!

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