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Over the course of four days, Barcelona felt the force of fashion’s finest. The 30th edition of 080 Barcelona marked a special comeback post-pandemic: the first event in its original physical format. What hasn’t changed, though, is 080’s commitment to showcasing both upcoming talents and well-established brands and designers to give everyone the spotlight and demonstrate Europe’s fashion change-makers and taste-definers. 

The first day showcased the likes of ESCORPION, ALL THAT SHE LOVES, Tíscar Espadas, Lola Casademunt by Maite and Amlul. Blending collections of garments that show us that summer 2023 will bring equal parts enthusiasm and optimism, the labels immediately demonstrated why the physical format is just that perfect. “Euphoria” by ESCORPION started the event with bright, bold colours, whereas ALL THAT SHE LOVES brings bathing suits and intimates to another level with metallic notes, deft dyes and a timeless collection.

Tíscar Espadas notes the important link between seasons and blurring the line by also blurring gendered norms. Lola Casademunt by Maite flaunts their 40 years as a powerhouse in fashion with “Dreaming Africa”, a collection that shows a travel through Africa with distinct shapes and shades (and zebra print, of course). The final show of the first day displayed by Amlul uniquely demonstrates modern timelessness through their commitment to quality and consumption. 


The second day brought together a myriad of designers and labels that showed designs down the catwalk at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site at Barcelona Fashion Week. Is Coming was the first — for their first time at 080 — and highlighted their slow fashion business model in their collection “Hotel in Barbados”. Demonstrating timelessness and versatility, the label dances between day/night wear with euphoric colours and fabric combinations. LARHHA shows the empowering transformative power of architecture through fashion with bold sculpting lines that gives the wearer agency and strength. SIMORRA is an expressive, freeing collection that combines tradition and innovation as depicted in “Nomad”, a gathering of garments that show quality and durability by journeying to a union. 

EÑAUT brings their seventh collection “Under” to 080 that gives minimalism a new definition in the world of nature and fashion’s environmental impact. Txell Miras is gearing up to celebrate almost 20 years as a label in a few years. Their new collection “Vanishing Points” is a masterclass in geometrics and contrast; boldly juxtaposing lines and colours through the use of strong pillars to show calm and peace. Dominnico brings their impact on cultural touch points to 080 for the first time in “Nenne Spring 2023” by highlighting upcycling and the importance of handcrafted garments.

With Guillermina Baeza starting the third day of fashion shows, the label that specialises in swimwear brings a feminine touch to what is a “summer safari day”. LEBOR GABALA brings Irish culture to their garments (and to the Barcelona stage), with Martín Across bringing together the joy of exploration with the beauty of postmodern utilitarianism through classic jackets adorned with artefacts, prints, and shapes. 

The Label Edition speaks to their 100% digital DNA by crafting a capsule collection that embodies that ethos. The collection blends the values of women by combining feminine styles that convey attitude and desire. Custo presents innovation and creativity through “Light Up”, a collection of clothing that redefines the word “experimental” through the use of shapes, patterns and fabrics. Lastly, Avellaneda as a leader in men’s fashion show that bold truly is better. Intense colours mimicking a sunset, the label shows clothing is meant to express you, not cover you up. 

Although this edition of the 080 is having its final bow, the feeling it evoked will last long after the designers leave the stage. After such a profound gathering of minds obsessed with all things fashion, style, and design with the importance of sustainability and innovation at the helm, 080 continues to be a benchmark in Europe and aims to be a leader in outreach, inclusivity, sustainability and as a cultural link to the city of Barcelona.

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