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look. Lebor Gabala

The highly anticipated and celebrated 080 Barcelona Fashion Week has made its return for the 32nd edition. Showcasing a range of exquisite collections from 24 talented designers and brands from Barcelona, the event will shed light on each designer’s distinct image and artistry. With sustainability and circularity at its core, the four-day event – taking place from October 24 to 27 at the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau – drives positive change within the industry, as well as solidifying Barcelona as an emerging fashion capital.  

Additionally, 080 Reborn is being reintroduced for its second fashion show, marking the beginning of the event with a spectacular display of creativity. The first show was a huge success, as it showcased a collection of innovative designs created with clothing from second-hand shops and waste-sorting plants.

look. Custo Barcelona

Founded in 2019 by Gala González, Amlul is an ethical limited-production fashion brand making waves in the Barcelona fashion scene. Studying fashion design at the University of the Arts London and having over 15 years of experience, González is a true master. The brand’s latest collection, ‘The Secret Garden’, is sure to turn heads, celebrating the beauty of womanhood through floral-inspired colours that transport you to a new world. 

Conscious designs, lasting everyday wear, and genderless fashion are what Carlota Barrera is known for. The namesake brand was founded by the Spanish designer after she attended Central Saint Martins, Istituto Europeo di Design, and London College of Fashion. The ‘Core Collection’ is an encapsulation of sustainability and timelessness that is curated for the modern traveller.


DOMINNICO is a genderless ready-to-wear brand founded by Domingo Rodríguez in 2016. Focusing on slow fashion, continuity, and the future, the brand has caught the eyes of various celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Dua Lipa. Their spring/summer 2024 collection, ‘SWEETDOM’, is influenced by Japanese culture and Sweet Lolita and Gyaru urban tribes. The Kawaii aesthetic is introduced through pleats, ruffles, ribbons, and lace alongside BDSM-inspired harnesses, buckles, and trimmings.

Born in the Spanish protectorate of Morocco, Guillermina Baeza moved to Barcelona in the 60s before starting her fashion career in the 70s. Designing for her namesake swimwear brand alongside her daughter, Belén Larruy, the brand has become known for comfort and elegance. The freedom of the California coast is the pair’s inspiration for their latest collection, ‘Santa Monica’. Combining a vibrant colour palette and micro prints with comfortable elastic dresses, jumpsuits, and tops makes for endless wearability.

After graduating in fashion design from the CEADE Leonardo University in Seville, designer Lucía Sánchez founded her menswear brand, Lemāchet. The brand’s latest collection, ‘I am, but’, explores the search for creativity, as well as men’s limits and fears. Reinterpreting traditional tailoring,  Sánchez designs with new cuts, shapes, and materials, creating a reconstructed and innovative collection. 


Founded by Javier Simorra in 1978, SIMORRA caters to the contemporary woman with her own style. With a passion for craft and design, Simorra made creating high-quality pieces a core moral for the brand. Their fall/winter 2024 collection, ‘ECHOES OF NATURE’, will dive into the feeling of nature through fabrics, colours, and textures. With this collection, you’ll be picturing a serene landscape made vibrant with the sounds of nature.

Designing for active women, Como la trucha al trucho, founded by Amanda and Adonais in 2014, strives for comfort and versatility within each collection. The brand’s prints are well-known, so it’s no surprise that they find themselves within the anticipated ‘UHLALÁ RESORT’ collection. Moved by Palm Springs, the pieces represent the location’s retro look through vibrant resort wear and stunning evening, cocktail, and party wear.

Specialising in swimwear and intimates, All That She Loves was founded by Clara Esteve in 2017. Honing in on soft textures and elaborate finishes, Esteve designs for those with a laidback, chic style. The brand’s spring/summer 2024 collection, titled ‘The Lighthouse’, is shaped by the Costa Brava of the Mediterranean – specifically, the Cap de Creus lighthouse and the town of Cadaqués. With state-of-the-art technology and local production, the collection values craftsmanship.

Fashion designer Eñaut Barruetabeña founded Eñaut in 2018 after graduating in Fashion Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design the year prior. With his minimalistic aesthetic and sustainable vision, the brand has attracted an audience that appreciates high-quality seasonless garments catered towards a contemporary eye. With the brand’s ninth collection, we can expect to see a continuation of this theme.

look. Paolo Leduc

Beginning his studies in graphic design at Instituto Europeo di Design, Paolo Leduc later changed to menswear tailoring, which is reflected in his namesake brand. With tailoring juxtaposed against graffiti and punk rock elements, the brand brings a unique look to ready-to-wear fashion. Uplifted by his Spanish and French roots, Leduc mixes a baroque essence with classic and artisanal work.

Bielo, founded by Joseph Puig Romeu, merges Western and Eastern techniques to create an individual style. Partnering with Oscar Leon again, the brands have worked together to create their newest collection, ‘The Travelers’, which is prompted by the journey that each individual is on. Combining each brand’s distinct style with sustainability, expert artistry, and exquisite details is what BIELO_OSCARLEON is all about.

Custo Barcelona was founded in the 80s by brothers Custo and David. With a love for the California style, they became known for their use of colour, printing, and graphics. Their latest collection, ‘Welcome to the Other Side’, brings creativity and innovation to the forefront. The designs are comfortable, with oversized silhouettes and soft fabrics, but also feature sharper lines and asymmetry inspired by architecture. 

In the international knitwear industry, Escorpion has been a well-known name since its founding in 1929. The current creative director, Carles Gràcia, understands the brand’s legacy and continues to show sophisticated designs with circularity in mind. As an ode to the contemporary woman and her inspiring attributes, the brand’s latest collection, ‘Essence of Woman’, mixes traditional knitwear techniques like intarsia and Jacquard with modern silhouettes and dynamic colours. 

look. Lebor Gabala

With the name deriving from Leabhar Ghabhála Erenn – the title of a book of Celtic mythology, meaning “the book of conquests” – Lebor Gabala embraces the meaning, dominating Barcelona fashion. Designer Maite Muñoz founded the knitwear brand, which values classic pieces that will stay in your wardrobe forever. The brand’s spring/summer 2024 collection, ‘Mai Tai’, mixes seasonless pieces with vibrant colours and floral prints reminiscent of a tropical holiday.

The Artelier was founded in 2020 by Alba Ayza and celebrates self-expression within the fashion industry. Pledging sustainability, the brand offers unique prints, genderless designs, and comfortable garments that promote confidence in every wearer. With OEKO-TEX-certified inks and production taking place in Barcelona, this brand is making huge waves in the ecological sector.

look. Outsiders Division

Outsiders Division was designed for adults who still feel like kids. Founder and creative director David Méndez Alonso founded the brand in 2012, creating his own dreamlike fantasy where everything is coloured in reds, blues, and yellows, and childlike prints can be found everywhere. Their newest collection, ‘Extraordinary’, is influenced by Alonso’s various obsessions and includes pop culture references and what he calls a ‘preppy punk’ style.

Philosophy, mythology, and femininity are at the heart of Cherry Massia, a ready-to-wear brand founded by Irene R. Massia. The brand’s latest collection, titled ‘Eros y Psyche’ and inspired by the Greek myth, delves into the fusion of love within the soul. With structured pieces contrasting with flowy garments, corsetry, cut-outs, and ethereal silhouettes, the collection represents love and sacrifice. 

Constantly moved by art, cinema, and photography, Habey Club, founded by David Salvador and Javier Zunzunegui in 2015, has a remarkable style. Valuing slow fashion with an emphasis on expertise and renewability, the brand not only understands the importance of circularity within fashion but also the need for seasonless and enduring pieces. ‘May’, their latest collection, is a new beginning, with pleats, drop-shaped necklines, and sheer fabrics making an appearance. 

Founded 40 years ago as a hair accessories brand, Lola Casademunt has come a long way. In 2018, Lola’s daughter became the chairwoman and creative director of the brand, spearheading a new fashion line, LOLA CASADEMUNT BY MAITE. The brand’s spring/summer 2024 collection, ‘Motel Arizona’, is inspired by Route 66 and the contrast between the desert and the big city. Vintage motels in Tucson encourage an earthy colour palette while the lights of Las Vegas become glitzy party wear.

look. The Label Edition

The Label Edition is a digital-based brand founded by Véronique Von Siebenthal and Laura Johansson in 2019. Known for offering timeless, ethical, and exclusive collections, their fall/winter 2023/24 collection, ‘ALTERITY’, is no exception. Exploring the roles of masculinity and femininity, the brand highlights the female silhouette in a sensual way with the use of structured garments and versatile designs. 

Rebellious and artistic are just a few words to describe Nathalie Chandler. The namesake brand was founded in 2019 and caters to those who stand out from the crowd. Their fall 2023 collection, titled ‘Urban Elves’, is influenced by elves and their elegance, femininity, and etherealism. This idea is then deconstructed to fit the defiant spirit of the brand.

look. Nathalie Chandler

For more information on all the designers showcased at this year’s 080 Fashion, visit 080barcelonafashion.cat and follow them on Instagram. Imagery is provided by 080 Barcelona from their last edition.

words. Amber Louise

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