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Maite Muñoz is constantly embracing originality within her work. After years in the textile industry, she founded her knitwear brand, Lebor Gabala – the name deriving from an Irish book of mythology, Lebor Gabála Érenn – in 1989, and since, the brand has garnered an expansive following in Barcelona and beyond. In conversation with Schön!, she tells us: “We try not to follow passing trends, but rather celebrate the individuality of anyone who feels identified with our proposal.

The brand’s spring/summer 2024 collection, ‘Mai Tai’ is inspired by the vibrant cocktail, bringing together summery silhouettes and bright hues. Debuting the collection at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, Lebor Gabala solidifies its standing within the sustainability sector. 

What made you decide to start designing clothes and launch Lebor Gabala?

As Lebor Gabala’s designer, my background is the result of many years of learning in the industry. I worked under the guidance of maestros such as Pedro Morago, Mila and Tucho Balado, and Rap Difusión. After entering the textile industry, almost by accident, it was the first of these names that infused my enthusiasm for the profession. Since 1989, the year I founded Lebor Gabala, I have dedicated my energy and knowledge to my own firm, together with my sister Nuria.

Lebor Gabala derives from Leabhar Ghabhála Erenn, a book of Celtic mythology that means “the book of conquests.” What does the brand name mean to you and how does it represent your designs?

The beginning of Lebor Gabala was a kind of achievement and a challenge. We chose the name because it is the name of an Irish book of poems and stories intended to be the history of Ireland, the land of Winterage and Aran jumpers, and because the name conveys strength and resilience.

When did you discover a passion for knitwear?

When we created the brand in 1989, we met a knitting manufacturer from whom we learned and with whom we worked very well for many years and who conveyed to me my passion for knitting.

In your opinion, what makes the concept of seasonless fashion so crucial?

I have always been concerned about the ecological footprint. In Lebor Gabala, we design collections with a focus on durability and timelessness, so our proposals are selected and look to last in time and mix with other garments from ancient collections. We try not to follow passing trends but rather celebrate the individuality of anyone who identifies with our proposal.

Can you provide some information on the inspiration for your SS24 collection, ‘Mai Tai’?

The ‘Mai Tai’ collection is our proposal for SS24, which mixes a timeless elegance with the vibrant colours of the exotic cocktail, looking to enhance a woman’s natural beauty.

What are the key designs and colours? How do they evoke the feeling of summer?

Our philosophy is based on designing timeless garments to create the perfect wardrobe made with premium materials and a careful selection of colours and prints. The vibrant colours that capture the essence of the Mai Tai cocktail are the key to the season and, together with the exotic prints, evoke the feeling of summer and sunsets.

Why do you think 080 Barcelona Fashion Week is such an important platform for you to be showing this collection at?

080 Barcelona Fashion is the local platform to show fashion and it is a good opportunity for us. Also, the graphic material we get from the fashion show helps us to market the collection and feed the digital content of the brand.

Where do you see Lebor Gabala in the future?

We would like to continue incorporating young talent into our company and growing in the digital markets.

Learn more about Lebor Gabala and browse their latest collection at or on their Instagram.

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