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Founded in 1978 by Javier Simorra, SIMORRA became an unwavering brand on the Barcelona fashion scene known for its elegance and craftsmanship. In 2016, when Eva Dimas became the head of the brand, SIMORRA transitioned into a new era, one that celebrates Javier Simorra’s legacy with a contemporary rebrand. 

With the brand’s latest runway show at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, the Dimas family presents ‘Echoes of Nature’. “The collection is inspired by the ephemeral inscriptions of water and air, whimsically traced like irregular paths on the skin and of the Earth, paying homage to the creative force of nature and its delicate way of capturing beauty,” Eva tells Schön!. It’s fair to say that the brand has always incorporated elements of nature into its collections, whether that be through an earthy colour palette, sustainable fabrics, or unusual silhouettes.

Would you mind sharing a bit about yourself, and what led you to becoming the creative director at SIMORRA?

SIMORRA was founded in 1978 by Javier Simorra and then in 2006, the brand entered a new stage of growth and projection with the addition of a new creative direction, following the acquisition of the company by my family, Dimas. With a long-standing history in the textile industry, the family initiated a process of renewal, enriching Javier Simorra’s legacy by placing fabric at the core of the creative process and drawing upon their extensive knowledge of raw materials. The new SIMORRA views fabric as a means of expression and the future of high-end ready-to-wear due to its ability to convey stories of value that lend meaning to design.

It’s been only a few years since the brand reclaimed its original name, SIMORRA, and it’s a way of paying homage to the journey taken, to the brand’s origins, and to the essence that still defines the brand today. This return to the [brand’s] origins has also been accompanied by a new logo, a new way of presenting ourselves, and a depth that now accompanies each collection. Continuing to make ourselves known with a clear message in every collection and captivating our clientele with each proposal is our true daily challenge.

Can you talk a little bit more about the brand’s mission statement and the values you prioritise?

At SIMORRA, we start from the material as a source of inspiration. It is the beginning of our garments and the canvas upon which we create our designs. We understand fabric as an element capable of conveying emotions and telling stories of value, forming an integral part of our creative process and field of exploration. Our driving force is the desire to create functional garments of great beauty through the simplicity and elegance of their forms and the intricate work of their fabrics and details. We conceive cutting-edge design as a vehicle for expression and creative freedom through the manipulation of materials. Our desire is to push the boundaries of form to create useful things with a high aesthetic component. What defines us is the way we continually draw from the source, constantly reformulating it to keep generating novelty and continue to inspire with our proposals.

We create our collections with inspiration from the origin of life, drawing directly from the source to tell universal stories that connect us across generations. We believe in a society united by a common purpose – regardless of age – and we advocate for balance and collaboration between generations as it is the key to a wiser, more inclusive, and advanced society in the future.

We would love to hear about the inspiration that led to the creation of your FW24 collection, ‘Echoes of Nature’. What specific elements of nature inspired you, and how did you incorporate them into your designs?

The collection is inspired by the ephemeral inscriptions of water and air, whimsically traced like irregular paths on the skin and of the Earth, paying homage to the creative force of nature and its delicate way of capturing beauty. It aims to capture in its garments as if they were an echo, the fleeting beauty of the landscape moulded by the different sounds of nature through the fabrics, textures, and folds that make up this collection.

‘Echoes of Nature’ envelops the viewer in a dynamic atmosphere that seeks to recreate those fleeting ripples of nature – models striding over water, smoke effects that evoke white clouds, and undulating wind that adds movement to each step. Garments created on-site using moulage techniques on a woman’s body are visible on the runway before disappearing, as if the wind carried them away. A runway that invites attendees to pause and admire the creative beauty of nature, both in space and in each of the garments.

Have you always been inspired by nature?

We want to go to the source to tell these stories that speak of the origin of life. We draw inspiration from the purity of the material and its symbolic value to share narratives that can connect with all generations because they unite us in the simplest of ways. We understand matter as the beginning of all things with a meaning that goes beyond the purely material. 

What types of styles, colours, and silhouettes can we expect in this collection and how do they embody the theme?

A forest-inspired colour palette prevails, featuring oranges, terracottas, shades of green and brown, trendy red, and neutral tones in creams and whites, which are always present in SIMORRA. The collection is already available in stores, with knitted sweaters and dresses featuring high-relief embroidered details reminiscent of delicate white clouds, micro-pleats in imitation of the waves left on the shore as the tides recede, transparent elements in sporty outerwear that reveal the softness of inner feathers. The collection features the essentials catering to minimalist dressing for a timeless wardrobe.

The debut of the SIMORRA sunglasses line enriches the silhouettes of a collection filled with subtle details that, when harmoniously combined with the brand’s essential pieces, add strength to the daily look of the SIMORRA woman. The first sunglasses collection will be available for sale in early 2024. 

Has your approach to designing changed at all throughout the years?

We look at life with curiosity, seeking different forms of aesthetic expression that help us tell reality in a stimulating way. We love avant-garde for its expressive power, imagination, and capacity for expression. It motivates us to explore different ways of creating through the imaginative use of materials, constantly seeking new ways to address the true needs of our environment. We proactively offer real, value-added solutions.

Can you provide some insights into the various stages involved in the design process of your latest collection, such as ideation, fabric selection, and final production?

We merge the most traditional elements with new trends to combine forces and create inspiring and contemporary collections simultaneously. Furthermore, we enjoy studying society and draw inspiration from it. This process involves various professionals, from the designers and the creative team to the pattern makers and seamstresses to ensure that each garment fits beautifully, the marketing team to communicate this entire process, our in-store team, and many more. It’s a dedicated team working to captivate our customers and create a unique and distinctive value proposition.

What does the future of Simorra look like?

To continue telling stories of value that inspire our customers through everyday clothing or their most special occasions. To keep growing as a brand and reach even more people. And, above all, to keep having fun as we do and continue working together as a family.

Learn more about SIMORRA and browse their latest collection at or on their Instagram.

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