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“SHE'S BAD” By Dent De Cuir

“SHE’S BAD” By Dent De Cuir

Seamlessly blending branded high fashion, brilliantly unique filmmaking and original composing, The Berlin Fashion Film Festival brought together over 500 professionals from the creative industry together in one place this June. The 4th annual film festival had over 700 submissions and screened 100 of those selected. Designers and labels hired independent film producers and directors to give their brand an active voice and set themselves a part. This year, international fashion houses such as Fendi and Dior participated and even included several celebrity cameos such as Natalie Portman. The festival is an intimate experience that brings together professionals from the film, fashion and advertising industries to appreciate and discuss the fusion of these creative talents.

“THE SOUND OF COS” By Lernert & Sander

“THE SOUND OF COS” By Lernert & Sander

There were 83 awards given over 16 categories. The stand out films of the year were ‘SOPOPULAR A/W 14-15 X’ by Tatjana Mierelles for Best Local Production, ‘She’s Bad’ by Dent De Cuir’ for Best Emerging Artist, ‘COS – The Sound of COS’ by Lernert & Sander for Best Major Brand and ‘Crème Caramel’ by Canada for Best Fashion Film. Canada’s film was the indisputable winner of the festival. Its nostalgic innocence turned tastefully erotic and left the audience wanting more. Its other awards included Best Production Design, Best Use of Music and Best Idea.



“SOPOPULAR A/W 14-15 X” By Tatjana Meirelles

“SO POPULAR A/W 14-15 X” By Tatjana Meirelles

The two-day festival was packed full of screenings, awards and panels held by industry professionals, including Margo Mars, Head of Production at Prettybird and several other big names. The highlight of the festival however, might have been ‘The Naked Truth’ by Michael Venus and his live naked fashion show that took place at the end of the award ceremony. Here he combined both the medium of film with the element of a live fashion show. With such a stellar lineup, we’ve no doubt that 2016 will be another great year for fashion film. Keep your eyes peeled for next year’s festival!

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