valentine’s escapes ♥ gamirasu cave hotel

106 Roman King Suite (2)

Six beautifully restored cave houses and a 12th century Byzantine church form Gamirasu hotel, today’s Valentine’s escape. Set in the heart of Cappadocia, Turkey, the former monastic retreat is an ideal blend of the village’s history and the hotel service expected on a romantic getaway. In each of the 35 available rooms the original rock of the caves is exposed and the décor chosen to reflect the hotel’s past – save for luxurious features, such as Roman marble baths, a swimming pool and atmospheric lighting in all of the rooms.

Gamirasu Winter 1 Gamirasu Church 3

Not enticed by the cave rooms? There are plenty of other romantic options available, including the Byzantine King Suite, the former room of Saint Stephan, commissioner of the church that even includes the original stone door from the Saint’s stay.

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