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Wolfgang Joop’s designs are distinguished by their vigour and dynamism. His creations for Wunderkind embody this spirit, fusing Prussian refinement with the irreverent nature of Joop’s city, Berlin. True to its ethos, Wunderkind’s Autumn/Winter 17 collection brought a playful irony to the Milan runway in a visually uplifting display. Clashing prints were the stand out feature, with bold juxtapositions of floral and tartan tearing up the fashion rulebook.

 In characteristically avant-garde fashion, Wunderkind pushed the boundaries of contemporary design with ingeniously constructed statement pieces. Asymmetrical silhouettes and deconstructed garments conjured up a spirit of Anarchic rebellion. The materials were equally nonconformist, with experimental and daring combinations of silk, velvet, knit and tweed ensuring that each look was rich in variety. Always innovating and never predictable, Wunderkind is a brand which refuses to adhere to the rules.  

Discover the Wunderkind collection here.

Words / Daisy Schofield


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