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Vibrant colours, textured fabrics, and distinctive silhouettes seized the runway at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week’s 31st edition. Held at the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau over four days, the event showcased twenty-five emerging designers with aligning values: creating sustainable and ethical fashion. 

On the first day, there were shows by SIMORRA, The Artelier, Laretta, Bielo_Oscarleon, and Escorpion. The designers in this group presented a collection of clothing that featured easy layering, top-notch knitwear, and captivating patterns, which impressed the audience.

Opening the event with a sublime display of craftsmanship was SIMORRA. Heavy checkerboard printed fabrics layered over flowy sheer pieces make the looks practical and transitional. Additionally, Mediterranean-inspired prints, crocheted dresses, and cotton eyelet fabrics brought the feeling of summer nostalgia to their collection. Another brand embracing patterns was The Artelier, with various sunset-coloured stripes and graffiti-inspired prints. 

Laretta took a different approach, showing their ‘Acta Est Fabula’ collection exploring life and death through dramatic silhouettes and a deeper colour palette. Tailored puffer fabrics and ruffled jackets complement classic basics, building timeless looks that promote circularity. Bielo_Oscarleon and Escorpion both put their own spin on classic silhouettes; Bielo_Oscarleon opting for bright colour combos and Escorpion incorporating stripes and argyle. 

Continuing the fashion-packed extravaganza were designs from Nathalie Chandler, Lebor Gabala, 404 Studio, Victor Von Schwarz, Txell Miras, and Menchen Tomas.

Nathalie Chandler kicked off the day with her signature ‘Rocker Chic’ style, showcasing her collection that combined tweed, leather, and khaki in a stunning display of creativity. The designer seamlessly merged these disparate fabrics to create a remarkable body of work. Both Nathalie Chandler and Lebor Gabala heavily incorporated plaid patterns in their collections. Working the print into jackets, booty shorts, and everything in between, Lebor Gabala made sure it popped against sheer and metallic knits. 

404 Studio wowed the audience with their flower details adorning barely-there tops, crocheted dresses, and metallic jewellery, while Victor Von Schwarz joined other designers in using tweed and plaid throughout his ‘American Dream’ collection.

While Txell Miras designed outerwear with the naked body in mind, Menchen Tomas designed it with the circus in mind. The brand showcased a vibrant collection featuring ruching, bows, and circus-inspired headpieces. They incorporated the theme into modern styles that have a timeless appeal.

Compte Spain, Paolo Leduc, Anel Yaos, Outsiders Division, The Label Edition, Custo Barcelona, and Dominnico showed their collections on the third day, all incorporating their own signature styles. 

Gothic elements took the reins in Compte Spain‘s collection. The dark colour palette combined with lace detailing, velvet corsets, bows, and cross details adds to the gothic and medieval references. Anel Yaos also adorned his garments with bows, although he opted for pastels and girly frills. The collection felt young and reminiscent, which is also what Outsiders Division—showing primary colours and cartoon artwork throughout their collection—strives for.

The Label Edition’s collection was the perfect example of timelessness. Showing striped linen suits and flowy dresses, the brand evoked the feeling of summer. Custo Barcelona also expressed the same feeling during their show—albeit with a very different collection, showing neons and sequin-covered garments. Closing the day, Dominnico showed their collection, ‘Dildom’, composed of utility and hardware embellished leather. 

On the fourth day, the event concluded with Free Form Style, Rita Row, Reveligion, Habey Club, Lola Casademunt by Maite, Eñaut, and Yolancris showcasing their work. 

The day began with Free Form Style showcasing an incredible collection, modelled by a diverse group that made a statement on the runway. Leaning into new romantic and punk styles, polka dots and stripes popped against bright pinks and yellows. Incorporating Western elements, Rita Row‘s latest collection saw white horse trinkets on necklaces, neck scarves, and cowboy hats. The colour palette made of camel, burgundy, and deep blue added to the designs. 

Taking exaggerated silhouettes to the extreme was Reveligion, with a collection of tulle dresses, jackets, tops, and skirts in pastels. Habey Club went for a more subtle approach, with body-hugging pieces ornamented with structured bows. Colours and textures popped in Lola Casademunt by Maite’s collection, while Eñaut used a more toned-down colour palette with hints of orange. Closing the fourth day was Yolancris, showing incredibly detailed gowns in black and white. The collection was made unforgettable by the use of lace, embroidery, and small touches of colour. It was the perfect way to conclude the four days of fashion.

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