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full look. Shifting Space Collection by Serrera Hu

At a time where art converges with innovation, Serrera Hu stands as a luminary. She is not merely a fashion designer; she is a spatial visionary, a maestro orchestrating the delicate dance between individuals, their attire, and the spaces they inhabit. Hu’s philosophy is a tapestry woven with threads of curiosity and structural ingenuity. Fashion, in her eyes, is not a mere adornment but a dynamic entity that breathes life into the spatial contexts it inhabits. Her designs do more than adorn; they sculpt spaces, crafting an intimate dialogue between the garment and the wearer, between form and function. Her creations are a testament to her belief that fashion can be an immersive experience, transcending the runway to engage with the world around us.

Her latest collection, SHIFTING SPACE, is a profound reflection of this ethos. Born from the raw, elemental inspiration of camping, it captures the essence of shelters conjured from fabric and poles. Serrera’s structural experiments, reminiscent of the flexible tunnels supporting tents, have given birth to garments that are as versatile as they are visionary. These foldable, portable pieces are designed for ease and adaptability, much like the tents that inspired them. By incorporating removable sticks, the garments morph and change, creating dynamic spaces that ebb and flow with the movement of the wearer.

Schön! sits down with Serrera Hu to discuss her latest collection, her design process, and more. 

full look. Shifting Space Collection by Serrera Hu

full look. Shifting Space Collection by Serrera Hu

You identify yourself as a spatial designer. What does this mean to you?

Identifying as a spatial designer means delving into the intricate connections between people, clothing, and space. It’s about understanding that fashion transcends mere appearance; it’s about sculpting dynamic environments that engage with the wearer on a deeper level. My design philosophy revolves around moulding these spaces through structural innovation and exploration.

What led you to fashion design and beyond?

My journey into fashion design began with a strong interest in three-dimensional objects. At one point, I even considered a career in sculpture because I was fascinated by creating tangible forms. However, I found that fashion design uniquely combines both two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements, which captured my imagination even more. The recent advancements in technology, such as AI and the metaverse, have opened up new possibilities in the fashion industry. These innovations allow for more creative and boundary-pushing designs, making fashion an even more exciting field to be a part of. I love exploring fashion design through various media, whether it’s traditional fabrics or digital tools. My interests in other areas like sculpture and digital media continually influence and shape my approach to fashion.

full look. Shifting Space Collection by Serrera Hu

full look. Shifting Space Collection by Serrera Hu

What else do you pursue alongside design? Why is it important for you to be a multifaceted individual?

Beyond design, I’m drawn to a spectrum of creative pursuits like visual design, video production, and event planning. For me, being multifaceted is like exploring a rich tapestry of possibilities—it allows me to blend different skills and perspectives into my work. Venturing beyond traditional fashion design has been incredibly rewarding. It’s like stepping into a vibrant marketplace, where each stall offers something new and exciting. These explorations enable me to create immersive environments where fashion seamlessly integrates with space, inviting viewers to experience it in fresh and captivating ways.

Whether I’m experimenting with visual design, diving into video production, or orchestrating memorable events, my goal remains the same: to push the boundaries of fashion and offer audiences unforgettable experiences. This holistic approach isn’t just about making clothes; it’s about crafting narratives, evoking emotions, and sparking imaginations.

When designing, what do you consider crucial to your process?

Rather than chasing trends and fleeting fads, I am drawn to timeless values. I dedicate myself to meticulously crafting each design, unbound by conventional aesthetic standards. I deeply believe in the enduring power of creativity and the essence of the work itself.

full look. Shifting Space Collection by Serrera Hu

full look. Shifting Space Collection by Serrera Hu

Your latest body of work, SHIFTING SPACE, was inspired by a camping experience. Can you tell Schön! a bit more about this?

My camping experience sparked the genesis of SHIFTING SPACE. One evening, as I sat by the campfire, I watched the tent rise from a bundle of fabric and poles into a shelter. The ingenuity of creating something so functional yet simple captivated me. As I delved into the intricacies of tent structures, I became entranced by the dynamic interplay between the tent and its surrounding spaces. This fascination inspired me to infuse my designs with a similar sense of versatility and adaptability. Drawing from this experience, I crafted garments that interact dynamically with the wearer, creating an ever-evolving dialogue between them and the fabric. Each fold, each movement, evokes a sense of fluidity, blurring the lines between the garment and the space it inhabits.

Tents were also a big influence for you. How do elements of tents make their way into your designs?

Tents have indeed been a significant influence on this collection. Just as tents can be set up in various configurations, I’ve incorporated elements of versatility and adaptability into my collection. Many of these garments are ingeniously foldable into a pocket, making them effortlessly portable and easy to store, akin to tents. Additionally, similar to tents with flexible tunnels for support poles, these garments can undergo structural changes by inserting or removing sticks. This feature allows for a range of shapes and styles, giving wearers the freedom to customize their look and adapt it to different settings.

When you look ahead to your career, what can you envision? 

When I look ahead to my career, I envision a journey of ongoing creation and exploration across various fields. I hope to continue pushing the boundaries of fashion design while also venturing into technology, architecture, and visual arts. By blending these disciplines, I aim to create immersive and dynamic environments that inspire and engage. My goal is to contribute to solutions and to support other creatives, encouraging them to explore and innovate at the intersections of different fields.

full look. Shifting Space Collection by Serrera Hu

full look. Shifting Space Collection by Serrera Hu

photography. Zaccheo
creative direction + fashion. Serrera Hu
model. Bella Carosello
make up. Juna Uehara
special thanks. Hugo Chao + Jax Zhou
interview. Amber Louise

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