Into the wild with Scotch & Soda

Continuing on from a narrative of global travel and self-discovery, Scotch & Soda revealed their roaming, waywandering campaign for Spring Summer 2018. Marlou van Engelen, creative director of the Amsterdam based brand ventures further into unknown territory to explore the “From Amsterdam, From Everywhere” leitmotif of the house. Breaking the limits of the space you know, Scotch & Soda, whose team is built up of passionate voyagers and cultural collectors, embodies the spirit of “we are all wanderers, breaking boundaries…”

Inviting you to follow your own senses, Scotch & Soda encourages you to overturn the limits of the knowable – to venture into new territories to reveal yourself. In a tribute to those who travel solo, Marlou van Engelen explains that “it’s a story of both world discovery and self-discovery – about how far you’d go and what risks you’d take to do things differently and choose your own way.”

Captured by Swedish photographer Elisabeth Toll, Dutch models Wouter Peelen and Damaris Goddrie venture into the desert landscapes of Jordan. Awe-inspiring visions are captured in wind and water carved canyons, amidst masses of stone emerging from the desertic land.

The accompanying video captures all the intricacies of a dramatic arid land, with its incredible red and ochre colours rife with textures in the sunlight. Inspired by the Wadi Rum desert colour palette and the shores of the Dead Sea, the collection revolves around light, and the ways in which it changes throughout the day. Khaki, white shirts and signature plant prints capture the essence of Scotch & Soda, that knows no limits in the desire to travel and explore.

Staying true to the Scotch & Soda roots, we continue to follow their “long live everywhere” philosophy.

Discover the Spring/Summer 2018 collection now.

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