view online – Schön! 43 | all about wanderlust

Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets. – Oscar Wilde 

What a summer we’ve had. After a seemingly endless period of getting a little too familiar with our own homes, our beloved jet-setting lifestyles have continued, sending us across the globe to fashion weeks, vacation destinations and into the homes of friends with whom we finally have the pleasure of meeting again. 

Along with the return of travel has come the return of culture. Musicians are beginning their tours anew. Sports fans are pouring back into stadiums. Film sets are once again being set up, inviting us back into their worlds at a grander scale than ever before. And now that we too can travel, we’re there to see it in person — and fall in love with the beauty of creativity all over again. 

This special issue of Schön! is dedicated to that love and the thing that lets us experience it: travel. 

For Schön! 43, we’re sharing our wanderlust with the world, setting off from Berlin to Los Angeles to the U.K. to destinations like Kyiv and Japan’s Mount Fuji for a globe-spanning exploration of all things beautiful. 

The first guide on our grand tour is Asher Angel, who wears selections from GANT while talking us through the follow-up to his 2019 smash hit Shazam!. From there, the action continues with Ella Balinska, whose fast-paced new thriller Run Sweetheart Run takes viewers on a hectic sprint through the streets of Los Angeles. Leslie Odom Jr. takes us behind the scenes of his new film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. After that, we’re blessed with a host of projects from the incomparable Andrea Riseborough, including David O. Russell’s Amsterdam, the upcoming remake of Matilda, and more. 

Our path leads us to Whitney Peak, who stuns us in CHANEL as she talks both Gossip Girl and the sequel to the beloved Halloween classic: Hocus Pocus 2. Cosmo Jarvis joins us to discuss his adventure from music to the screen, both in the drama It Is in Us All and his lead role in the upcoming television series Shogun

Star of both the big and small screen Krysten Ritter sparkles in Swarovski as she recalls her fan-favourite time as the titular Jessica Jones, before giving us a peek into the world of Orphan Black: Echoes. Emilia Schüle explains how the #MeToo movement inspired her to take on new, daring roles, such as the upcoming perspective-changing series Marie Antoinette

Of course, our earth would not be nearly as interesting if there weren’t people seeking to change it. David Alaba takes a break from his time on the football pitch to discuss his charitable efforts. Styled in got2b, the unparalleled Riccardo Simonetti shares his mission to make the world a more accepting place. 

Joining us as we traverse these multifaceted places are our friends from 080 Barcelona, who fly with us to incredible destinations to showcase looks from the city’s top designers. Scenting our way is Lalique, creator of perfumes inspired by the elements that compose our planet. 

Our odyssey concludes with a track-by-track trek into music. The genre-bending Aminé pauses his Best Tour Ever to recount his passage from youth into mainstream success. Finally, our empowered and extraordinary cover stars (G)I-DLE bring the music of Korea to the world with a deeply personal twist, in looks from Versace

Part of the beauty of travel is the incredible opportunity it provides to see our planet from new, exciting points of view — and through #AllAboutWanderlust, we hope that you’ll get just a taste of ours. Now, follow your curious heart and venture out into the world. We just know that whatever you find will be Schön!

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