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NEO-Privilege is the first of the NEO video series; explaining the concept of ‘privilege’ through the analogy of a chessboard game. NEO is an art-house educative video series aimed at articulating complex social topics in an accessible, non-patronising manner. Created by art historian filmmaker Emmanuelle Soffe, NEO centers on the harmonious alignment of art and politics. The short episodes are engaging bite-size ingots of constructive art that have the power to educate both younger and older minds on topics such as gender, sexuality, privilege, cultural appropriation, and race.

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

writing + direction. Emmanuelle Soffe
roduction. Neo Productions
talent. Robin Jade + Bashir Aziz
dop. Shaka Agina
fashion. Abigail Hazard
make up. Grace Helen Sinnott
editor. Charlie France
colour. Sean Olding
music. d’Voxx
sound. Oscar Davis
fashion assistant. Alessia Campanella
vegan catering. Charlotte Jones
poster artwork. Yoana Puleva

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