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How much do you question what you are told?

Inspired by the opening of the Old Testament, Neo Gender gives the viewer a myriad of reasons as to why they should question their binary concept of ‘gender‘: from a historical perspective, a cultural one and a biological one too.

Neo Gender is almost entirely inspired by sculptural and painterly reconstructions from Western Art History. Each painting directly links to works of art that in some way capture the evolving conceptions of gender within a western art historical framework.

Some of these references include the painting Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David, the Greek Hermaphrodite sculpture, the architectural space of a 19th century Cast Gallery; as well as archetypes of the likes of ‘Lilith’.

The film was shot in the (currently) unused nightclub FOLD. It was created, produced and directed by Emmanuelle Soffé.

Look 1
Kobe wears
coat + beret. Jenn Lee
jacket. Fiona O’Neill
shirt. Xander Zhou
trousers. Aissata Ibrahima
boots. Dr. Martens

Donna Marcus wears
trousers. Jordan Luca
neckpiece. Rysia Pierzchala

Lulu wears
glove bra. T Label
bra. Calvin Klein
trousers. Chema Diaz

Bernice wears
jacket. John Lawrence Sullivan
top. Dhenze
culottes. A-Jane
boots. Dr. Martens
earrings. Mi Manera

Ayesha wears
jacket. Poster Girl
underwear. Calvin Klein

Look 2:
Donna Marcus wears
underwear. Xander Zhou
chaps. Elissa Poppy

Lulu wears
bra. Elissa Poppy
skirt. Weekday

Bernice wears
top. Dhenze
coulottes. A-Jane
earring. Mi Manera

Kobe wears
dress. Acne Studios
cape. A-Jane
boots. Dr. Martens
gloves. T Label
earring. Aloe

Look 3:
Lulu wears
dress. Hildur Yeoman
feather boa. Poster Girl

Bernice wears
coat. Preen
bustier + shirt. Fiona O’Neill
culottes. A-Jane
earring + ring. Mi Manera

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

director + executive producer. Emmanuelle Soffé
fashion. Rhona Ezuma
casting. Phoebe Brereton
models. Kobe Darko, Bernice Mulenga, Ayesha H, Lulu Love, Donna Marcus + Ben Christopher
hair. Francesca Rosini
make up. Natasha Sultana
dop. Adam Singodia
writing. Grace Tully + Donna Marcus
production. Ru Kuodyte
1st AD. Samuel Barnham
movi op operator. Krystian Winszewski
gaffer. Luca Piercey
production design. James Janna Bartlett
rope art. Bruce Esinem
art. Maria Unger
editor. Charlie France
grade. Megan Lee
graphic design. Izzy Bc
sound design. Oscar Davies
music. Andrea Taeggi + D’Voxx
voice over. Otamere Guobadia
runners. Ruben Colindres + Alex Dragulele
BTS photography. Daniel Housley
production assistant. Andrius Valkauskas
fashion assistant. Colleen Finnerty
1st assistant camera. Catharina Scarpellini
production design assistant. Max Roach
director’s assistant. Isa Tajeda
location. Fold

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