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Fabrics from around the world found their way into RIANNA + NINA’s latest collection, MYTHOLOGIA, celebrating stories from the past and present. The show, which took place at the Alte Nationalgalerie during Berlin Fashion Week, was a colourful explosion of vintage fabrics and vibrant prints hand-crafted to highlight varied cultures. Inspired by Rianna’s history, the collection references her personal experiences, gods and goddesses, and reminisces on her time growing up on the Greek islands. Greek mezzo-soprano Artemis Bogri serenaded the spectators gathered on the steps and sat around the statues throughout the show, highlighting Rianna’s heritage. Each couture piece was designed and hand-crafted in Berlin, showcasing an array of colours, flower motifs, and juxtaposed fabrics.

Embracing sustainability and inclusivity is a fundamental part of the RIANNA + NINA brand. Whilst supporting sustainability in many ways, one of the most notable is their use of vintage fabrics. This collection alone flaunts vintage hand-painted kimonos from Japan, 19th-century Chinese embroidery, 1950s European tablecloths, and traditional Greek silk embroidery. Not only are the fabrics a feast for the eyes, but they have all been upcycled in the brand’s atelier in Berlin, breathing new life into existing fabrics. Each fabric tells its own story, allowing a variety of cultures to thrive within the MYTHOLOGIA collection, in addition to inviting spectators to view their own story within the brand’s colourful universe.

The one-of-a-kind fabrics fight for attention as various floral and tribal prints are placed side-by-side. At the same time, they complement each other perfectly. Asymmetrical tops, blouses tucked into wide-leg trousers, and tiered skirts all exude luxury. Ornamented with fringe, beading, embroidery, bells, and sequins—not to mention the hand-laid Swarovski crystals—each piece feels like you could stare at it for hours and keep noticing new details.

Alongside the vibrant garments were accessories that shone just as bright. Hand-painted beads took shape as opera and lariat necklaces, as well as wrap belts, dangle earrings, and statement rings. Vintage ceramic pots and vases mimicked bags, as models held them proudly by their sides. And while all of these small details complemented the looks, the hats and headpieces undoubtedly stole the spotlight. Oversized floppy sun hats, stacked cloche hats, and wide-brim “Audrey Hepburn” hats were adorned with sequins, tassels, patterns, and embroidery. Headpieces, whilst far and few between, boasted vibrant colours and hand-painted wooden shapes. 

Whether it be the vintage fabrics, hand-painted jewellery, or unparalleled silhouettes, there’s no denying that RIANNA + NINA’s designs draw you in. They are able to capture the essence of the fabric’s origin, whilst upcycling them to create new and relevant silhouettes. As they continue to integrate sustainability, inclusivity, and creativity into every piece they design, it’s clear that they are becoming the poster child for sustainable luxury.

images. Stefan Knauer/Getty Images for Nowadays
words. Amber Louise

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