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In an ever-expanding urban landscape, where do the new horizons lie? Beyond the station halls, subway passes and high-rise rooftops, an urge to unearth new limits is taking over. Concrete boundaries don’t need to limit our view of the city space – on the contrary – the possibilities are endless. Leading the way in this endeavour and acting as an instigator to explore, Palladium are building an urban explorers’ team – a community of urban explorers – to reveal the more hidden parts of the cityscape.


palladium-explorers-group-photo-benelux-01From Berlin, to London and Amsterdam, Palladium aims to bring together intrepid professional explorers, who are uncovering new ways of seeing the city. “We’re exposed to these iconic images of urban landscapes everyday,” they explain. A global team of explorers is creating a community across cities, building a database of images from various expeditions. For London, Night Scape takes to the road in the local explorers squad; he is joined in Amsterdam by the Sizoo Brothers and in Berlin by photographer Willy Drlima.

palladium-explorers-screenshot-113 SONY FS5

Camera in hand, these photographers, parkour-pros and buildering specialists bring you the new, the exciting, the unexplored: urban subcultures are revealed in a new light, expanding undiscovered sides to the city space. All the resulting images will be uploaded on a dedicated hub. “What we actually like to do is show the less obvious, show there is more to see than just your iconic images.”

As the squads head into concrete terrain, armed with waterproof Palladium Pampa Hi Cuff WPN boots, these urban wanderers document their trajectories, bringing their images together to create a contemporary portrait of the cities we inhabit. These boots were made for exploring: where will Palladium take you?

Join Palladium to find out more about Urban Exploring here.

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