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As her name would suggest, stylist and art director Alexandra Moon-Age has been a David Bowie fan for some time. Now she’s concocted a treat for fellow fans that is quite simply out of this world: a tribute video that takes a nostalgic journey through the colourful chameleon’s career. Collaborating with director Leesa Bagel, Moon-Age recreates the many faces of Bowie with dazzling costumes and bold hair and make-up, resulting in an uncanny likeness to accompany her spot-on performance.

In an exclusive interview, Schön! delves into the creative mind that is Alexandra Moon-age and talks to her about inspiration, spandangled outfits and her first infatuation with Bowie.

What inspired you to do the tribute video and what does David Bowie represent to you?

My friend put on an event in Sydney called ‘Camp Bowie’, involving Bowie inspired cabaret acts and fancy dress. I was asked if I wanted to contribute something from London, so decided to team up with the amazing director Leesa Bagel and from there we started working on our concept. Bowie represents androgyny, glamour, beauty and discipline. Bowie is a creative schizophrenic! His appearance adds further to his talents of song writing, singing, acting and miming; he pushes himself to accomplish his creative pursuits to the highest standard. Bowie has mastered the perfect combination of theatre and music. He creates a visual, aural experience.

Do you have a favourite Bowie persona in the video?

Jereth, from the classic children’s movie The Labyrinth is my favourite. It was the most fun. We took some time to get the right shape for the ‘Bowie Bulge’, which had all the mothers distracted! Jereth was my introduction to Bowie. I fell in love with his character the Goblin King when I was just 10 years old.

You created all of the costumes for the video. What challenges did you face when doing this?

I own a vast amount of spandangled bits and pieces which I used for the video. This included an amazing mirror jump suit by Mary Benson. It was challenging to perfect some of the Bowie hairstyles; it was surprisingly hard to find a good Ziggy mullet wig. I therefore customised a wig by cutting it to shape and sprayed it orange.

You say that you made use of cheesy MTV effects within the video, and this is of importance to Bowie’s relation to MTV. How do you feel the effects add to the tone and overall look of the film?

Myself and the director Leesa found ourselves mesmerised by silly, prehistoric video effects such as PowerPoint style transitions and explosions. We felt that they gave the video an instant playful, nostalgic vibe. Bowie made a strong visual impact however he could. It is easy to forget that the now dated special effects were once pioneering and revolutionary. The ‘Ashes to Ashes’ music video by Bowie is a great example of how cutting edge these effects were.

You appear to take a great deal of inspiration from multi coloured work and 60s psychedelic art. What would you say are the key inspirations behind your styling and art?

Yes definitely! My many inspirations are Kenneth Anger films, 70s glam and rock fashion, 60s Dutch design group ‘The Fool’, men dressing as women and vice versa; also anything and everything kitsch and colourful! I take a great deal of inspiration from magic and esoteric imagery, my friends and also fearless and flamboyant characters.

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Words / Samantha Wilkins
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