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Dominnico was born so that Domingo Rodríguez Lázaro—founder and creative director—could create his own space within the fashion industry. The Barcelona-based ready-to-wear brand, founded in 2016, has made a prominent name for itself, known for signature silhouettes and a fresh approach to design. Featured in Vogue Spain, Harper’s Bazaar, and Paper Magazine, among others, Domingo’s creations continue to evolve without sacrificing sustainability and ethics. The brand has even caught the attention of several celebrities, including Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, and Rosalía, who have all been spotted in Dominnico looks.

His latest collection, titled ‘Dildom’, incorporates those famous silhouettes alongside a brand new colour palette and exciting inspiration. Working with pastel pink and blue juxtaposed with patent leather, silver hardware, and BDSM-inspired elements, Domingo makes it clear that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Can you tell Schön! a little bit about yourself and what led you to launch Dominnico?

DOMINNICO started right after graduating from Fashion Design in Barcelona. I needed a way to continue with my passion for fashion and to find a space to create my own language within that community.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your Fall 2023 collection titled ‘Dildom’? What does it mean to you?

This collection is born from the need to continue building a solid way of thinking and an inclusive community that goes beyond fashion. Exploring new experiences, new territories, and feeling the freedom in a safe space.

You’ve previously mentioned that you prefer designing clothing to dress a motorbike in lieu of designing pieces to wear whilst riding one. When did you first decide to take this approach when designing?

In a way, this spoke more to the way I’m more inspired by the technical parts of the motorbikes, for example than the clothes themselves. Don’t get me wrong, you can always find inspiration in all aspects, but those mechanical, robotic, and engineered pieces are what attract me the most.

Why did you decide to use a pastel colour palette for this collection? How does it enhance your designs?

To incorporate colours that sweeten up the BDSM codes and take roughness from them. Unlink the colors from the concepts and take it to a more naive and kawaii aspect.

How have your designs changed as your career has developed?

The designs evolved with me as I got older and [more] experienced; as myself, but also collectively and as a way of expression. Not always wanting to appropriate a certain movement or trend, but always trying to express it in a different language.


Can you describe the design process for your latest collection?

It’s [the] next step from our previous collection and yet a research process for the next one. From common and everyday objects to a film or an artist. When anything catches my eye, I tend to explore that universe and see how we can take that into the fabrics and clothes.

How does it feel to be returning to 080 Barcelona Fashion Week to show off your latest collection?

080 Barcelona Fashion means vanguard, diversity, and a way of understanding fashion that is very close to DOMINNICO’s vision. That’s why we think it’s important to present our collections in that space.

In 2019, you designed an exclusive collection for Rosalía’s El Mal Querer Tour. How did designing a tour collection differ from ready-to-wear?

Designing for a specific artist is always more challenging, but something that comes with it is the freedom you have to create the looks that will be on stage. You always want to make sure the artist feels comfortable, but also push it a little further every time to make that performance unforgettable.

Do you have any other dream collaborations?

Yes, I’ve always wanted to make some fun designs with Hello Kitty.

How can you see your designs evolve in the future?

Continue exploring the capabilities of the brand, but also [giving] myself the freedom to explore new shapes. This past collection [has] shown that DOMINNICO is already acquiring what we call “famous” silhouettes for the brand, so we are already seeing progress. I want to stay true to myself and continue evolving these silhouettes, but also let myself get lost in what’s yet to come.

For more information on DOMINNICO visit their website and Instagram.

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words. Amber Louise

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