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Telling a story through fashion is Santi Mozas’ goal with his Barcelona-based brand, Compte Spain. The brand—founded after Santi graduated from the Instituto Europeo di Design for Communication and Fashion Design—transforms fairy tales and widely known stories into rule-free collections. Known for his distinctive silhouettes, bows both large and small, and elaborate detailing, Santi’s work is one-of-a-kind. As the brand expands, it remains committed to sustainability with a strong focus on local and ethical production.

Santi’s most recent collection, ‘Trauma’, embodies nightmares, horror films, and common fears, and is characterized by the use of a dark colour palette. The designer included gothic elements and harsh silhouettes, while also adding elegant pearl detailing to create an exquisite juxtaposition. The combination of moody colours and lighter fabrics with bows and sequins makes this collection an individual and sensational display of beauty in trauma.

Can you tell Schön! about yourself and what led you to start Compte Spain?

My name is Santi Mozas. I created Compte Spain while working in the marketing department of a leather goods company. Design wasn’t my first choice but as time passed, I realised I wanted to create clothes that reflected what I felt on the inside. 

You mention on your website that ‘compte’ translates to the act of telling. What does storytelling mean to you and how does that translate into each of your collections?

With every collection, I want to show a different side of the story. My main goal is to give another perspective on fairy tales and popular stories and with that in mind, create a new universe around them.

Your latest collection, titled ‘Trauma’, is debuting at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week. What is the inspiration for this collection?

Trauma is inspired by the climax of dreams. This collection is a compilation of nightmares, fears, and mythical characters from horror films and tales that we all know from our childhoods. All these traumas that originate our vital development are what inspire the clothes. 

Why is highlighting trauma through fashion important to you?

I try to use fashion as an outlet for trauma. Exploring my own fears to create and find new ways of creating new clothes; to normalize negative things and make them beautiful. 

How does this message translate into your designs?

In all of my collections, I create a different [imagination] and work on it to develop this small universe on which I create the clothes. For example, in this collection, I used the pearls as a metaphor for fallen teeth that usually appear in people’s dreams. 

Can you tell us about your approach to sustainability? Why is this important to you?

We work with local suppliers and small workshops and try to use as many stock fabrics as we can. We do not stock clothes, so we work on demand cutting waste and overproduction. 

How has your approach to designing changed throughout the years?

As years go by, my vision [of] fashion has evolved and now it is more mature. I think more about qualities, finishing, and giving a great product to our customers. 

Did it take you a while to develop your design style or have you always had the same vision?

My vision is always evolving. I think adapting to trends and developing my own style is a never-ending story and will be evolving through the years. 

Do you have someone specific in mind when designing?

I usually start with an overall vision of what I want and as I create clothes and start the developing process, the collection evolves and changes. 

How do you see Compte Spain evolving in the future?

I would like to see Compte as a consolidated name in the fashion industry. Expanding our team, but never losing what inspired me to start in this business and fashion adventure.

For more information on Compte Spain visit their website and Instagram.

photography. 080 Barcelona Fashion
words. Amber Louise

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