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Spanish label LARHHA’s bold and striking designs have graced the pages of fashion titles around the world, including our own. It’s a strong start for the brand, which was founded in 2020 by two trained architects: Creative Director Miguel Marín and Brand and Art Director Natalia Lorca. Schön! sits down with Marín during 080 Barcelona Fashion to talk through the latest collection. 

You describe your childhood as “surrounded by patterns, yarns and accessories and more accessories”. Was your family involved in fashion?

Yes, since my childhood, I have experienced fashion at home. My paternal grandmother was already working in fashion and, coincidentally, my mother has also worked in this trade. My mother was the person who helped me the most in the beginning of this project. In fact, many of the pieces in my collections are made by her.

Why did you choose to study architecture and then come full circle back to fashion?

I always knew that my destiny would be fashion but as, in adolescence (at least in my case), nothing is so clear, I opted for architecture, which I also love and am passionate about. In some way, this career, halfway between art and technique, has served me and continues to serve me for what is now, at last, the reality of my brand.

How has this training in architecture influenced your designs? 

Architecture and fashion merge when a piece is recognised as halfway between a garment and a human shelter. “Between a garment and a human shelter”: This is my favourite phrase, but I think it perfectly sums up this collection and what we wanted to express in it. In the proposal, the pieces stand on their own with visible or hidden structures.

Could you tell us more about your new collection? There seem to be quite a few themes and elements going on…

In this collection we are trying to reach the union between the different stereotypes and identities of today’s society. There is a fusion between the most sophisticated classic silhouettes and sporty aesthetics that gives way to a world in which the identities are blurred and adapted to the environment.

LARHHA 23 takes its first collection as a base, maturing its experimental line to incorporate elements such as interchangeable garments that generate other looks, framing faces with 60’s aesthetics and a futuristic retro air and interpreting current elements that yearn for the great classics.

You often use vibrant colours. What do they mean to you?

I’ve always liked extremes, from the most classic and discreet to the most extravagant and colourful. I think powerful mixes work, and in a total block I find them super interesting. 

Can you describe the ‘LARHHA shoulder’?

The LARHHA shoulder is a deconstruction of classic tailoring. I intend to turn the sleeve completely until the garment can be folded.

Does the name LARHHA have any meaning?

Lara is my second surname, to which are added two silent ‘aiches’, corresponding to two English words ‘hat’ and ‘head’ and, with them, from the very beginning, we have wanted to show that our silhouettes are worked from the head.

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words. Huma Humayun
special thanks. 080 Barcelona Fashion


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