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If I Was to Surrender was birthed out of the clubs of Berlin and taken to the body of all beings to awaken our senses and recognize the importance of physical freedom and club culture. In the form of an experimental short dance film, the movie explores the relationship between the psyche and bodily autonomy, possession and power, freedom and resilience, and the need for us all to connect to our inner shadows. Drawing on the work of C.G. Jung and the shadow self, this film is an abstract tale exploring everyman day to day life and the need for physical exorcism as a form of mental health wellness. As every man has an inner shadow, we wonder: how to coexist with it in our modern world? A world where most of us feel anaesthetised and are treated as outsiders living in a constant state of anxiety.

“The main thing we wanted to communicate is this ever thirstful need to connect to our body-mind. Dancing allows us to let go of the ego and the questionable self and allows us to move into states of freedom and meditation without thought process. 
What happens when all the clubs are closed?” Pringle told Schön! about the project. “Where do we now have to express our inner shadows? My fear at the current state right now and our mental health situation is that humans innately need to find spaces to be physically free and connect to our movement roots to release traumas, fears, and anxieties and celebrate each other. But where is this going to happen in the current climate and how will these things now become manifested? This is a question I pose us to think about and find alternative ways to keep connected to our bodies and allow our minds to stop thinking and working in the global situation.  The rest you can take words about the film from the bio this was just something i really want to share on our ever-growing quest to be more connected to the body and the subconscious ways the every man can find it.”

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

direction. Lauren Pringle + Jhiliem Miller
starring. Femi Oyewole
producers. Lauren Pringle + Virginia Hernandez
DOP. Peter Garajszki 
sound design. Alfred Brooks
editor. Jhiliem Miller
1st AD. Agustin Farias
1st AC. Federico Settimelli, Nicolas Gombinksy, Diego Gardo + Vanessa Marino
16mm DOP. Andre Dip
gaffer.  Joran Ost, Christoph Neuhaus, Haroun Ricardo + Ignacio J Durruty
electrician. Jonathan Goudefroy
movement coach. Riley Davidson
art direction + fashion. Alin Bosnoyan
make up. Antina Christ
photography. Agustin Farias
backstage photography. Massimiliano Rossetto
VO. Sydney Nwakanma
text. Steve Kisicki
grade. Dan Moran
drone. Lucas Fiederling
production assistant. Massimiliano Rossetto, Sofia Mattarollo + Estefania Barbano
actor train. Julian Roth
extras. Tomás Eyzaguirre, Rafa Cunha, Virginia Hernandez, Agustin Farias, Alin Bosnoyan, Kate Milazzo, Manuel Guiterrez, Alexa Dobre + all the other beautiful creatures who filled our club
DIY cello. Emanuele Porcinai
voice. Carla Mattioli
research interviews. Michail StanglZoya Bassi
special thanks. About Blank, Backfrisch Spatkauf, DarkBrightFilm, KameraHaus, LichtHaus, Zoya Bassi, Alja Gudzevic + Michail Stangl

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