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Day two of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week has come and gone — and there’s just so much to talk about from the day. Continuing our coverage from yesterday, Schön! explores the designers of the day and gives some insight into the many stunning collections. Check out the events of the day, and follow along online on 080 Barcelona Fashion Week‘s website today for the week’s final shows.

Our first show of the day was Txell Miras. This womenswear collection was simply titled IDENTITAT, with themes naturally centring on identity. To forefront these themes, the designer opted to focus on the personalities of the models, elevating them through imagery, sheer fabrics and creative tailoring. According to the designer, the collection uses “black and white as its leitmotiv, is full of hooks to include and exclude layers as a symbol of a changing identity.”

This new collection from Eñaut was presented on the twentieth anniversary of the Prestige disaster, in which more than 21,000 tons of oil poured into the sea. For Eñaut, the lingering impact of this disaster, and the continuing problems that oil has caused around the world, served as inspiration for the new collection, entitled Oil Sea. This inspiration is visible in the collections blood red hues, monochromatic pieces and oil spill prints.

Continuing our day with Yolancris, this collection offered a series of timeless looks, drawing distinct influence from the 1960s whilst separating itself with modern characteristics. The collection is composed of coats, suits, dresses and two-piece outfits: blouses and skirts or trousers, with the whole of the collection representing a between the fabric and the Yolancris workshop itself.


Inspired by Asian mafia movies of the 80s and 90s, which often took place in the red light districts of cities like Taipei and Hong Kong, the new collection from Victor von Schwarz was divided into two distinct parts. The first, voluminous and feminine, with draped fabrics revealing areas of the skin. In contrast, the second offered boxier silhouettes and tailoring. The theme of these movies tied the two sides together, assisted by the influence of fantasy elements.


Lebor Gabala‘s new collection was inspired by a trip to Norway, where designer Maite Muñoz experienced the Northern Lights. Enchanted by their hues, Lebor Gabala decided to embrace this influence and colour for a new collection full of coats, jackets and petite blazers in wool and alpaca with check, hounds-tooth and fantasy jacquards — each piece ripe with colour.

This menswear collection from Tíscar Espadas focussed on ‘heroes’ — but not in the way one might expect. According to the label, “the heroes are characters who are half-divine half-human, unique beings, models on which to project oneself. The always fascinating narration of their exploits, the myths, are outside any time in history (season) and often interpret the origins of the world or major dilemmas in humanity.” This manifests in the collection through out-of-the-box silhouettes and otherworldly styles. 

The last collection of the day was from Lola Casademunt by Maite. The label took us to the mountains for Aspen Glam, which celebrated the marvelous styles of the ski slopes. Technical garments such as padded coats, overalls, pants, vests and retro-style jumpers were recontextualised to style perfectly in a cosmopolitan, urban environment. The collection was a perfect closer for day two — and we can’t wait to see what’s to come tomorrow.

Follow the events of 080 Barcelona Fashion here.

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