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We’re undressing our minds all over again for this season’s 080 Barcelona Fashion week. This time around, we’ve journeyed digitally to the Catalan capital for yet another display of the region’s entrancing fashion. The first day has already ended, and for this piece, Schön! will be looking back on the day’s events — and looking forward to tomorrow’s. Read on to experience the beautiful first day all over again, and make sure to follow along with 080 Barcelona Fashion to see the shows as they happen!


Starting off the day was the new collection from Avellaneda. This collection of both womens- and menswear embraced summery and earth tones, presenting a series of elevated works that flow easily in both theme and practise. All pieces are in harmony with each other, blending influences from the Mediterranean shores, to the sands of the Sahara, to the poolside elegance of Slim Aarons.

Next up was KM by LANGE. KM by LANGE is a creative design studio based between Barcelona and Kyiv, and this season, the studio offered a captivating collection centred on the theme of ‘Zemlia’ — a Ukrainian word meaning ‘Earth’. The collection can be divided into three themes: Earth, The 90’s Reset and Monochrome. Earth can be experienced through its natural hues and use of natural fabrics like wool, mohair, organic cotton, linen and silk. The 90’s Reset is found in its silhouettes, calling to mind the gender-bending, freedom-seeking styles of the 90s. Finally, Monochrome is just that — monochrome.  

After that came the majestic collection Reveligion. This womenswear series told a story of volume; a bold tale that Reveligion opted to call ‘Parallel Lines’. Reveligion says this collection presents a ‘history of clothing’ — a claim that is apparent through the collection’s striking linework and masterful use of both colour and form.

Escorpion may have been around since 1929, but that doesn’t mean the label is afraid to adapt to the times. First attracting attention and acclaim through its knitwear pieces, Escorpion used its “The Show Must Go On” collection to embrace its history whilst incorporating elements from streetwear and 90s styles. The show must go on indeed — and at Escorpion, we got quite the show.

For this collection, MENCHEN TOMAS is all about “old money”. Inspired by the styles created by intergenerational American wealth, the collection mixes classic and vintage, toying with notions of class whilst conjuring the image of rich American life. Garden parties, country clubs, tennis courts and more — all can be felt in this new collection from the label. 

Do you trust me? This new CUSTO Barcelona collection asks this question introspectively, settling on the affirmative. ‘I TRUST ME’ sends a message of confidence and conviction. Through its California-inspired looks, this series encourages the wearer to look inwardly and seek something good — and once they find it, project it into the world. 

THE (REAL) GARCIA are all about form, function and style. The latest collection from the label proudly puts all three on full display, bringing a new, more relaxed attitude to classic menswear. Pieces include a selection of blazers, overshirts, hoodies and trousers, embracing the traditional styles of workwear, military and sports uniforms with an urban and contemporary twist.

Rounding out the day was The Label Edition. For this collection, the label sought to explore memory and how it interplays with womanhood. Entitled INFANTIS ANIMA, this collection details everything from the light pinks of a young girl’s dreams to the refined, elegant light blues of a woman’s adulthood. The label’s showing was stellar, creating a perfect end to a dreamy first day.

Return to Schön! tomorrow to read our coverage of day two!

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