Illustrator and designer Andreas Preis struck artistic gold when the wonder of symmetry and admiration for the message-driven work of Shepard Fairey coalesced in his mind. Preis’s goal was to make a group of posters bound together by instantly recognisable design elements and a positive message (without ripping street-artist-turned-icon Fairey off, of course). The result was a series of posters featuring intricate drawings of animals, kaleidoscopic colour and positive words⎯ the first, called LIFE, was received so well that he created a second, ALIVE.

Preis is currently preparing to release the third and final group of poster designs: GROW. Where Fairey’s work can be aggressively political, Pries has no interest in indoctrination. Of his own work Preis says, “My messages are sometimes quite easy to get, but after all the idea is to send something positive out. I’m no teacher, I don’t want to tell people what to do.”

For more information on Preis and his work visit his website here!

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