fatigue society

Leave the fatigue society behind in this Schön! editorial produced by directors Helena Arnal and Alejandro Pujol with photography by Arnau Basora and Alejandro Pujol. Art direction by Laura Xifra and Joan Iser. Fashion by Helena Arnal who styles models Diana Semenchenko, Robin Reese and Luar Estibalez. Hair and make up by Alex Jesusi.

earrings. SUMIYAKI
nail wraps. Vintage

This Schön! editorial has been produced by

photography. Arnau Basora + Alejandro Pujol
art direction. Laura Xifra + Joan Iser
direction. Helena Arnal + Alejandro Pujol
fashion. Helena Arnal
models. Diana Semenchenko, Robin Reese + Luar Estibalez
hair + make up. Alex Jesusi
casting. Roger Vericat + Helena Arnal
edit. Alejandro Pujol
creative idea. Helena Arnal
sound design. Arnau Basora
voice over. Kiara Bonilla
text. Alejandro Pujol
brands. David Catalán
showrooms. Blend Showroom, XXL Comunicación + Capítulo 2 Lab
special thanks. Consentido Agentes de Moda

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