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The holiday season is upon us again, and so comes the inevitable woe and worry of gift-giving. With so many gadgets and gizmos being released every day, it’s difficult to sort through the clutter and find which gifts are really worth your money — that’s why today, Schön! has gone through the troves of holiday gifts to bring you the very best pieces for your friends, family and loved ones.

Starting off our list is the new AirPods Pro. If you had a pair of the original ones, you’ll find the Pros are an improvement in every way. Lightweight and noise-cancelling, these earbuds sound great and stay in your ear through thick and thin, making them ideal for working out or simply using them on the go. The AirPods Pro feature many of the same features that made the original AirPods so iconic: seamless Bluetooth connectivity, two microphones, and fluid integration of Siri. The best part? Apple will even let you engrave your AirPods case to make it all your own — meaning you can add your name, phone number or any other information you want to the case to make a truly special gift. This option is only available at Apple.

See the new AirPods Pro here. Price: £249.00

The second item on our list is the new Apple Watch Series 5. Apple Watch Series 5 has a watch face display that,  quite literally, never sleeps but thanks to new and improved Apple technology, that doesn’t mean it’ll put your battery life at risk. In fact, the Apple Watch Series 5 has some of the best battery life of any Apple Watch before, and with its near-endless customisability, everyone can enjoy the new Apple Watch. This generation of Apple Watch also sees the addition of the App Store. Now you can browse and download apps directly from your watch! Apple also offers a variety of cases and straps — perfect for all the colourful characters in your life.

Take a look at the new Apple Watch Series 5 here. Price: £399-£799


Next is the Mavic Mini. Drones are still all the rage, and it’s no surprise as to why: they’re simple, they’re easy to use, and, perhaps most importantly, they’re incredibly fun. That’s why we’re beginning our list off with this lightweight drone from DJI.

The Mavic Mini has a built-in 3-axis gimbal camera that records video in beautiful 2.7K, and it can transmit that video to any iOS device for up to four kilometres. It also has vision sensors and GPS tracking, ensuring that your drone makes it back to you even after the most difficult flights. It might all sound super fancy but it’s also ridiculously easy to use — and Apple has even MFI certified the Mavic Mini for iPhone and use with iMovie and Final Cut.

Check out the Mavic Mini here. Price: £459.95


Let’s face it: anything with cables always ends up being a hassle. That’s why in 2020, we’re saying goodbye to wires and hello to the Drop XL Wireless Charger from Native Union. This wireless charger can charge all of your Apple devices — from your AirPods¡ and your iPhone to your Apple Watch to any other Qi compatible device. Charging is easy: simply drop your gadget onto the pad and… voilá! Really, it’s that simple. While the Drop XL Wireless Charger would be great without its chic style, there’s no doubt that its simple black finish with varied ridged texture plays a part in making it one of our favourites of the year.

Pick up your own Native Union Drop XL Wireless Charger here. Price: £109.95

As much as we’ve tried to let go of the headphone jack, some places have been a little slow to adapt. Whether you’re trying to plug into an in-flight entertainment device or simply trying to watch television at the gym, sometimes, you can’t simply escape the old 3.5mm jack — which might render your favourite Bluetooth headphones useless. That is, if you don’t have the AirFly. The AirFly makes things simple: plug the AirFly into your device of choice, connect your headphones to the AirFly and pretty soon you’ll be enjoying crisp, clear audio from anything with a headphone jack. If you’re considering Bluetooth headphones for someone in your life (or yourself) this makes a great stocking stuffer.

Hear what else the AirFly can do for you here. Price: £54.95

Coding may be a useful skill, but actually getting into coding can be difficult. With its unfamiliar language and flat, colourless nature, trying to get kids to engage with their computers in a more complex way can be a challenge. The Force Coding Kit by Kano takes these problems on by immersing children in the world of Star Wars. The coding kit teaches them how to code by engaging through missions led by Star Wars characters on your iPad. This style of learning is both captivating and useful, and kids will be able to take what they’ve learned and apply it in the real world.

Use the Force this holiday season with Coding Kit by Kano here. Price: £79.95

For those kids not so interested in Star Wars, Kano has a second offering in their line of coding kits, this one centred around Disney’s Frozen. The Disney Frozen Coding Kit by Kano crafts simple-to-understand iPad games that teach children real-world uses for coding. Guided by a range of characters from Disney’s Frozen, this kit makes coding a joy for any curious tot.

Take a look at the Disney Frozen Coding Kit by Kano here. Price: £79.95

If you know a youngster who’s still trying to learn their numbers, this will help. Sesame Street Numbers by Marbotic teaches children numbers in an intuitive way, using handheld pieces alongside the iPad to get kids to understand counting, basic math, and the essentials of numbers themselves. Four educational games available in the app, and the set comes with a variety of pieces to enhance the learning experience. Best of all, it is designed to work with the Sesame Street-themed TV series on Apple TV+, making it one of our top picks.

See how Elmo and friends can help the kids in your life with Sesame Street Numbers by Marbotic here. Price: $49.95

We all know someone who can’t get through the day without one — or several — cups of coffee. For those coffee aficionados in your life, this is the perfect gift. The Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug 2 is a stylish and simple mug that will keep your beverage at exactly the temperature you like it. Users can set a temperature, utilise the mug’s built-in LED lights to personalise the mug, and even monitor their caffeine intake through the mug’s iOS connectivity. This mug can even connect to the Apple Watch! The Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug 2 is ultra giftable and is sure to brighten any coffee (or tea) lovers day.

Take a sip of the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug 2 here. Price: £129.95

We all know the Apple Pencil is an absolutely essential tool for any iPad user. But storing the pencil can be a hassle; cases are either hard to find, cumbersome, or downright tacky. Decoded solves this issue by introducing a Leather Pencil Sleeve, an elegant, full-grain leather case for both the first and second generation of Apple Pencil. Offered in both black and brown, the case also has built-in magnets, meaning it can easily attach to your favourite Apple Smart Keyboard or Apple iPad Cover. This product is simple, but it’s sure to turn a few heads.

Take note of the Decoded Leather Pencil Sleeve here. Price: US$29.95

Apple is known for its sleek, streamlined products. But when those products are tucked away inside a bulky and overly complicated case, much of that trademark Apple beauty is lost. INCASE solves this by creating a series of sleeves designed to complement the simplicity of Apple’s products. Designed with each individual product in mind, the cases snap shut, forming an envelope clutch form factor that sets the case apart from other offerings currently in the market. These cases are made out of a durable polyester-based fabric called Woolenex and come in different colours sure to impress any Apple fan in your life. Cases are offered for both the MacBook and AirPods.

Pick up your INCASE sleeves and cases here. Price: US$79.95

LEGO Hidden Side is an augmented reality experience that people of any age can enjoy. By downloading the Hidden Side app and scanning the correct pieces with an iPhone or iPad, the world of LEGO comes alive, allowing curious players to interact with their LEGO in ways never experienced before. The app is continuously updated, allowing for new characters, mysteries and games with every update. Hidden Side comes in a range of prices and sizes, meaning everyone from young children to old-school LEGO fans can enjoy it.

Build a new LEGO world with LEGO Hidden Side here. Price: £24.95-£109.95

Rounding off our list is Hot Wheels ID from Mattel. Hot Wheels is one of those things that will stick around forever. Kids simply love these little cars and the endless experiences one can have with them. Hot Wheels ID enhances the experience, allowing kids to level up their vehicles by syncing their tracks with the app. This smart track keeps count of a child’s best times and speeds, providing endless challenges and fun to any interested kid.

Experience a whole new kind of Hot Wheels here. Price: Single cars are £6.95, the Race Portal is £49.95 and the Smart Track Kit is £159.95.

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