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With the steady approach of summer, the time has come to start thinking ahead to beach wear and summer attire. When it comes to design, nothing screams summer elegance and ergonomic lines quite as eloquently as Swedish brand CDLP. Founded in 2016, the brand quickly created a vision of excellence, firstly in men’s underwear at a time when poorly cut logomania boxers were the norm. Fast forward to 2024, CDLP has solidified its position, bringing Scandinavian elegance and functional design further together.

Speaking to Schön! Magazine, Ingrid Guttormsen, Head of Design at CDLP, explains how the brand went from a niche to now offering a panoply of pieces, from underwear, tops, and socks to swimwear and loungewear. CDLP now represents an “innovative approach and unwavering commitment to sustainable production practices across our entire range,” she tells us. “Our luxury essentials have cultivated a loyal following among male customers worldwide, and we are steadily expanding our appeal to female followers as well.”

This is where CDLP introduces its latest addition to the family – the women’s swimwear pieces, which summarise the in-depth approach of the house, with a unique style and keenly cut shapes: “The decision to expand into women’s swimwear was motivated by a commitment to extending the principles that define our men’s swim range: purposeful and focused designs that propel our vision forward. Our women’s swim range embodies this ethos, offering a thoughtfully curated collection that caters to both bold and classic sensibilities. Whether for activities in or out of the water, we’ve embraced understated luxury, exploring depth and detail in every facet —from cuts and fabrics to trims and functionality.”

Channelling the sustainable approach of CDLP with a strong desire to inject a new aesthetic into the world of swimwear, Ingrid Guttormsen explains that the inspiration for the collection came from the sporty silhouettes of the iconic imagery of women featured on Sports Illustrated covers from the ‘80s and ‘90s. “We view swimwear as a season of liberation, where we can step out of our comfort zones and embrace vibrant colours and prints.” The strength and lust for life of these images were the building blocks of the collection: “This inspiration fueled our commitment to prioritizing silhouettes that complement an active lifestyle and promote overall well-being. Our collection boasts a range of styles meticulously crafted for optimal fit, versatile functionality, and flexibility, seamlessly integrated with sleek and delicate detailing.”

There are technical requisites and considerations when working with swimwear – from shapes and textiles to the quick-drying factors. One fundamental aspect is undeniably found in the materials: “Since the launch of our men’s swim line in 2018, we’ve been committed to using Econyl®, a nylon fiber repurposed from landfill and ocean waste, prized for its luster, durability, and quick-drying properties,” Guttormsen tells Schön!. “As this is a clear winner to us, we began exploring how to adapt it for our women’s swim collection. Our goal was to maintain equivalence in both appearance and function while incorporating a subtly supportive construction. To achieve this, we opted for a double-layered design, utilising the same shell material for both layers.”

The sustainable aspect of CDLP is fundamental, all the while maintaining a discreet approach to the matter as, Guttormsen reminds us, sustainability can mean a lot of things. For CDLP: “sustainability entails utilizing high-quality raw materials that ensure longevity, manufacturing them in countries where fair wages are paid, and constructing them with utmost precision and care,” she states. “In line with this philosophy, all our swim materials are recycled, and we meticulously oversee production in certified factories located in Portugal. This ensures that every CDLP product not only meets our standards but also reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices — which in itself becomes the very essence of luxury in a world overshadowed by overproduction.”

There is one motto for CDLP in this collection: to empower wearers with beach confidence. “We view swimwear as a season of liberation, where we can step out of our comfort zones and embrace vibrant colors and prints. With the women’s range still in its infancy, we approached it as a puzzle, where mixing various silhouettes and colors could infuse a sense of playfulness”, Guttormsen explains. “Regardless of gender, we recognise the diverse needs for different occasions among our customers. Therefore, we maintained our focus on curating a concise range with a broad appeal.”

Now that CDLP has championed women’s swimwear, we wonder what the next steps will be. “Moving forward, CDLP continues to innovate and expand within its product offerings, exploring new sustainable materials,” Guttormsen concludes. The aim is to launch collaborations and new projects “to further redefine the future with a focus on conscious consumerism and smart design.” With this ethics meets design approach, it would seem rude to not don CDLP on our next beach trip. We’re already packed and ready to go.

Discover the men’s and women’s CDLP collections at cdlp.com.

words. Patrick Clark

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