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The beauty of human beginnings is recreated here in this film by artist Yana Toyber. The video itself acts as part of a project titled ‘Double Visions’, which focuses on the world of identical twins Eva and Mia Fahler, Toyber explains, “I have been conducting my visual experiments of Eva and Mia Fahler in several creative mediums, including video and photographic styles. As of now there are two series within one, much like the twins themselves, the works core has been split in two – consisting of a group of work called Mirrors and a group of work called Embryos.”

The WOMB video is a part of the Embryo series, delicately portraying the unique bond between Eva and Mia, a bond that is so foreign to those of us without a twin. It aims to go beyond what we see of their outside lives and instead highlights a deeper connection. Within the compelling WOMB video both women are submerged in water, reliving their early inception, as they re-enact basic infant behaviour while they try to survive, as they did at birth.

There is something quite mysterious about the womb, it is an imperative part of our lives and yet the lack of memory of something so essential to us as humans, means this part of our growth takes on a surreal aspect. A dreamlike quality which is perfectly showcased here in WOMB.

WOMB first premiered at Art Basel Miami 2012, with the first photograph from the Embryos series “Birth” being sold to the famous economist, Nouriel Roubini.

The full exhibition of Double Visions will be held in New York at one point this year, for more information please visit:

This online exclusive has been produced by:
Director & Photographer / Yana Toyber
Editor / John Dorocki
Models /
Eva Fahler @ MOT Models
Mia Fahler @ MOT Models
Special thanks for the location / Lawrence Robins

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