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Today marks the beginning of another 080 Barcelona Fashion experience. While 080 has always celebrated its designers, this year, the brands and designers populating the platform are put in a particularly strong spotlight. Held this year in a fully digital format, the week celebrates the creative minds of Barcelona and beyond by mixing upcoming talents with well-established brands and designers. For round of 080 Barcelona Fashion, the minds behind the week invite viewers into the iconic Gaudí building Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera, for a variety of shows. While you can follow along on the website to catch the shows as they happen, here are some labels and designers you might want to look out for in the coming days. 

Eikō Ai is a womenswear label equal parts sophisticated, casual and mystical. Founded in 2018 by creative director Glo Lladó, the Barcelona-based label draws inspiration for its looks from a life-long love of both fashion and the magical side of life. This collection, entitled “Blooming Earth”, highlights what the label does best, emulating the look and feeling of flowers blooming using satins, tulles, sparkles, crochets and sheer fabrics interwoven with drawn and photographed floral patterns.

Offering “seasonless, individualistic and genderless quality clothing made in Spain for multitasking world citizens”, Pablo Erroz blends street style and luxury to create colour-rich, exciting looks. This collection feels right at home at 080 Barcelona Fashion and justifiably so; the capsule, titled ‘2015:2021″, celebrates 10 editions of the event using easy-to-wear garments that are deceptively complex.

Presenting its fourth ever collection during this edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion, Eñaut continues its run of minimalist yet undeniably cool pieces with LOGGING 4% — a collection focused on logging and deforestation. The label describes the collection thusly: “Moving from life to the absence of it, from all to nothing, from beauty to desolation. A perspective of the struggle in the battle of mass exploitation.”

Otrura has held one inspiration for the 2020-2021 year: latent. “Latent,” they say, “in the sense of all those emotions and feelings that we carry inside us that sometimes can come out and express themselves freely, exposing our most intimate side.” This collection, CollectionVII, represents the conclusion of this year focused on the idea of “latent”. Some of the pieces featured highlight the process of their construction; others mask it through complex layering and tailoring. In everything, feelings of rebirth and reformation abound.

This collection from MENCHÉN TOMÀS takes its inspiration from the concept of Duende. In the label’s description, Duende can be defined as “This innate and intangible talent provokes almost magical feelings in whoever experiences it. That mysterious and indescribable charm that everyone feels, and no-one explains. That ‘something’ that grows inside before showing itself. In the search for that je ne sais quoi that marks the difference.” In doing this, the label explores volume, shape and colour to powerful effect.

The last label we’re highlighting ahead of the week is onrushw23fh. We covered this label in our previous coverage of 080 Barcelona Fashion, and ever since then, we’ve been looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. The answer? Something unexpected, of course. Referencing the works of artists Panayiotis Vassilakis (better known as Takis) and Peter Sedgley, the label explored the idea capturing the intangible feeling of moving through space. The resulting pieces act “as vehicles to represent these intangible energies and connections existing between and in our bodies.”

These are some labels and designers to watch out for during the week — but this is only a sample, and there are so many more to see. For all the events of the week including the full schedule, find 080 Barcelona Fashion on its website.

Follow the events of 080 Barcelona Fashion on its website.

photography. Gaspar J. Ruiz Lindberg

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