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Posting under the handle @uglyworldwide, Jazzelle Zanaughtti has become the global sensation her misnomered title once predicted. Now, the model is releasing her first-ever collaboration, a line of boots produced with footwear label Palladium.

Speaking to Schön! about her link-up with the legendary brand, the Instagram star explains why boots were a natural choice for her first fashion collaboration. “Boots have always been a staple for my entire life,” Jazzelle recounts. “They are badass and work well in basically any situation. I love anything versatile, and a boot is just that.” 

Her signature Palladium boots are a perfect manifestation of this badass versatility — utilising Palladium’s latest PALLAKIX style, she presents a line with burgundy, yellow and two sleek black offerings; blending her unique style with undeniable charm and wearability. “I wanted to give a little piece of me to the world and everyone who’s shown me support over the years,” she tells Schön! “This collaboration was a great way to do that.”

Replacing the Palladium logo on each boot is Jazzelle’s own: a stylised globe lined by her imprint and Instagram tag, “UGLY.” To Jazzelle, being ugly means “whatever you want it to. As cliché as it sounds, it’s in the eye of the beholder.” The model has reclaimed the label with her own acronym, “U’ve Got to Love Yourself,” and she insists that “ugliness” has more to do with attitude and expression than appearance. “Ugly is thinking or being outside of the box, bringing something new and unseen to the table.” Much like her boots, “it’s shocking and exciting.”

Long-time fans of Jazzelle are well-acquainted with the plaster motif adorning the backs of her collaborative boots. For Jazzelle, this doesn’t mean pain but rather “healing and metamorphosis.” “It’s a reminder of all we’ve been through, and how we’ve grown as a person,” she explains. 

Check out the full collection in the gallery below, and be sure to pre-order the boots from Palladium.

words. Braden Bjella 

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