there must be more to life

Elias Wessel made his name photographing the line between fantasy and reality. His work is half fashion photography and half fine art, infusing high colour and elements of magical realism into the cold light of real life. In his new series, There Must Be More To Life, Wessel finds the perfect model to walk that thin divide with him: model, performance artist and transgender icon Amanda Lepore. Shot in the Jane Hotel in New York City, the large-format photographs of Lepore look in on the individual’s endless struggle with acceptance and the expectations of both society and the self.


Accompanying video installations engage the images in a playful and ambiguous dialogue. There Must Be More To Life will be exhibited at The Art Directors Club Gallery in New York City (106 West 29th Street) from Friday September 20th to Sunday September 23rd.

For more information Wessel and his upcoming exhibition visit the photographer’s website here

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