the showbiz ball by lovebailey

Love Bailey presents the ShowbizBall by Elias Tahan

Brett Bailey, the curator of Schön! Magazine’s Showbiz Issue threw a party in Los Angeles last weekend to celebrate the magazine’s release. Called the Showbizball, the evening celebrated the magazine itself and the talent featured in its pages but more than that it applauded the glamour and energy of the industry along with the outrageous creativity of the LA scene. Bailey himself served as creative director for an electric event described as “a movement and experiment in a new dimension of performance art.”

Love Bailey presents the ShowbizBall by Elias Tahan

The Showbizball featured performances by creatives like stripper/rapper/performance artist Brooke Candy and her collaborator Closet Boy alongside Blok and Bonnie Mckee. Gregory Alexander, Vivianne Lapointe and Katy Knowlton hosted the event, which also featured a video installation by Mattia Biagi and Valery Pobega, sets designed by Luke Abby and Hugh Blunden and elaborate hats by Triviál.

Love Bailey presents the ShowbizBall by Elias Tahan

Love Bailey presents the ShowbizBall by Elias Tahan

Schön! would like to thank Love Bailey for welcoming our 18th issue into the world with such aplomb. If you’d like to see images and inspiration from the evening check out The Showbizball’s tumblr here.

Images by Elias Tahan
and visit Brett Bailey’s pure inspiration here at

Special thanks to all the below

Gallery photography by Elias Tahan
Geisha performance by Edward Vigiletti
Creative Director by Brett Bailey
Production by Meghan Edwards and assistant producer Katy Knowlton
Video installation by Mattia Biagi / Valerj Pobega
Sets by Luke Abby and Hugh Blunden
Hair by Bobby Eliot
Makeup by Anthony Nguyen
Wade Crescent
Pussy Boys
Pure Ground
AJ English
Performances by:
Bonnie Mckee 
Justin Tranter
Britney Gale
Aerialists Serenade
B.C. boys
Brooke Candy & Closet Boy
Millie Brown
Tali De Mar
Neon Music
Gregory Alexander
Vivianne Lapointe
Katy Knowlton
Hats by Hats by Triviál
Special thanks to Dilettante for the Location, Star Gazer productions for Lighting

Pabst Blue Ribbon, Prometheus Springs, ONE Coconut Water and Genevieve Productions for the Couture!

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