terrible lizard

top. Natasha Zinko
trousers. John Lawrence Sullivan
shoes. Esaú Yori

For this Schön! online editorial, photographer Eve Power pays homage to the prehistoric world by casting model Aminat as a figure of equal power to her dinosaur surroundings. Shooting at Crystal Palace, Power channels anatomist Richard Owens as she captures Aminat through her journey in the park, where she wears looks from Natasha Zinko, John Lawrence Sullivan, Richard Quinn and others styled by Kayleigh Swan. Hair is by Aya Kuraoka and make up is by David Gillers.

dress. Natasha Zinko
boots. Jimmy Choo
earrings. Aloë

dress. Richard Quinn
shoes. Prada

dress. Hildur Yeoman
trousers. Luis De Javier
belt. Valentino

top. Molly Goddard
bra. Matilda Aberg
skirt. Spirit & Grace
earrings. ASV

jacket, shorts + shoes. Esaú Yori
top. Matilda Aberg

dress. Paula Knorr
corset. Matilda Aberg

dress. Richard Quinn

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Eve Power
fashion. Kayleigh Swan
model. Aminat @ Wilhelmina Models
hair. Aya Kuraoka
make up. David Gillers

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