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Tejumola Butler Adenuga

Painter and furniture designer Tejumola Butler Adenuga has taken the role of Art Director at Nosakhari, merging the two artistic forces with beautiful results. 

Best knowing for his monochromatic portraits and modern spins on the pointillist movement, London-based artist Tejumola Butler Adenuga has previously done collaborations with labels like Adidas and Dr. Martens — most recently, the artist attracted attention and acclaim for his design project with Soho Home, the interiors collection for Soho House. Now, the sleek minimalism that defines much of Tejumola’s work is joining neatly with the sophisticated, urban vision of Nosakhari creative director Nosa Osadolo, marking a notable and exquisite first foray into the world of luxury leather goods for the artist.

As this collaboration solidifies, the label plans to launch Signifier, a new project from the brand coming in January. In celebration of this release, Tejumola will design six conceptual works of art, each one symbolising part of Nosakhari’s new vision and core philosophy — one that elevates difference whilst promoting self-expression.

addison portrait tote. Nosakhari

bifold wallet. Nosakhari

flap. Nosakhari

soufflet. Nosakhari

re-sized standout-folio. Nosakhari

tech pouch. Nosakhari

trifold wallet. Nosakhari

standout folio. Nosakhari

standout business messenger. Nosakhari

Nosa @ Nosakhari

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Explore work from Tejumola Butler Adenuga on his website and Instagram.


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