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As a premier retailer of tailored menswear, IZOTTI specialises in crafting bespoke suits and shirts using measurements taken directly from a smartphone. By making measurements easy and accurate, IZOTTI aims to democratise suiting, appealing to Gen Z and millennial wearers who might otherwise be turned off or unaccustomed to traditional tailored clothing. Beyond the label’s smartphone measurements, the pieces themselves are sleekly designed with contemporary cuts and fits sure to capture a cross-generational appeal.

In the latest campaign from the label, IZOTTI showcases its modern, cool and casual styles, perfect for the everyday lives of every free-spirited individual. Each model and location were chosen as representatives of the cool, laid-back vibes of California, underscoring the brand’s ethos that the label’s suits are ideal for anyone. Creatives, business professionals, disruptors and more — everyone can find a home in a piece from IZOTTI. Schön! sat with founder Moti Biya for an exclusive interview.

IZOTTI launched in 2017. How has the brand changed and grown since then?

When we initially launched IZOTTI in 2017, the goal was to create a fun stylish brand that would appeal to a younger demographic. It was very organic in its inception and was an alternative to the proliferation of streetwear and its adoption over social media channels. I noticed that despite the popularity of streetwear,  there was still a market for suiting. However, many of the younger generation especially in North America didn’t have a grasp on the tradition of men’s tailoring and were intimidated at the thought of walking into a department store and trying to buy a suit. In response, we created a style guide that gives the basics on how to buy a suit and how to wear a suit on every occasion a suit is appropriate. The style guide was a great success and has helped IZOTTI expand to become more of a lifestyle brand.

In 2018, I started developing an API that would effectively measure customers for suits in a discreet and efficient way without the hassle of tape or chalk. Utilising the power of today’s smartphones, we developed DTAIL, a digital tailoring application, to create a 3D render profile with your precise measurements using just a photograph and your height. We wanted to create a customisation module that would allow pattern alterations for a fully tailored experience.

all clothing. IZOTTI

all clothing. IZOTTI

Introduce us to this campaign. What themes were you looking to explore here?

I think fashion industry has been affected by the pandemic and it’s been tough for a lot of brands. We wanted to launch a post pandemic campaign that wasn’t all doom and gloom. As an entrepreneur, being resilient is vital and seeing opportunities— in my case it was remotely measuring our customers. We flew to LA to meet with the director Katharina Baron and her team because she understood our endeavour and believed IZOTTI despite being underdogs in a crowded space. 

The vision was to make suits fun again. So much has been said about sitting home in sweats and a hoodie — but I believe getting dressed and looking presentable has a positive effect on attitudes. Katharina and I discussed the power of optimism, namely, that now is the time to reinvigorate the next generation of buyers to take pride in their appearance and control of their futures. All the models are young aspiring artists and creators who were eager to be a part of the next fashion wave; slow fashion. Made to order, sustainable and customisable. 

With this campaign we are going to re-launch our website with a fresh new aesthetic and new content for our style guide. The pandemic played a role in the slowdown of traditional tailoring but for us it was a great experience and it allowed us to showcase our technology. The themes that we would like to explore with this new campaign are sustainability, style and fashion’s relationship with technology.

Style: We take pride in being a stylish company and one that helps promote confidence. With this campaign we wanted to highlight our manufacturing process and re-introduce another generation to tailored clothing. A major part of this would be our style guide which we will release monthly and will include a wide range of insights into developing personal style and building a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle.

Sustainability: Sustainability is a theme that is important to our values as a brand. We identify as a slow fashion brand with clothes made to order. With the unscrupulous practices in the fashion industry including taking advantage of workers and the environmental impacts of fast fashion and mass production, IZOTTI wanted to break that mould and create a new type of supply chain that allows us to scale made-to-order clothing. We don’t adhere to strict fashion seasons and all of our garments are cut in high quality, zero waste factories — made to last.

Relationship with technology: I launched IZOTTI to be a pioneer in fashion, as an independent fashion tech company that produces as little waste as possible. There’s a lot of gimmicks out there and beautifully written greenwash, but we truly want to make an impact. Our clothes are all made to order and are measured remotely using, DTAIL, our digital tailor API. It allows us to create 3D mannequins for our customers for precise, personalised proportions. We also use 3D pattern making to limit our waste on creating samples. The result is a very efficient process of fitting our customers and producing real to life pattern examples without the byproduct and environmental footprint of the traditional supply chain.

all clothing. IZOTTI

all clothing. IZOTTI

What products do we see on display in this campaign? What makes them special?

The pieces you see in this campaign are our essential navy blue suit and dinner jacket. We want to showcase the versatility of a suit or jacket and how it can be paired with a simple white T-shirt for a super sexy chic look or dressed up with some neck wear for an ultra composed formal look.

What do you think is the most common mistake people make when shopping for a new suit? How does IZOTTI resolve that?

The biggest problem that we see with people buying a new suit is that oftentimes when they go into a store and buy off the rack, they are pressured into buying a suit that doesn’t fit them. We have a hard and fast rule: when it doesn’t fit the shoulders, no amount of alterations can fix that.

Another problem that we see is that people don’t know where to start when buying a new suit. IZOTTI created a style guide and size guide as a comprehensive framework on how to assemble your tailored attire and different scenarios they could fit in to better maximise the use of the suits. For example, two suits can make six looks; wear it with a tie, with a t- shirt, or with a hoodie and sneakers, and you’ll look stylish, sophisticated and in control.

all clothing. IZOTTI

all clothing. IZOTTI

As office spaces and formal events become more “casual”, why do you think suiting — and bespoke suiting — is still so important?

I think casual office attire and being comfortable is great, but fine tailoring and comfort are not mutually exclusive. The same way casual attire is needed in everyone’s wardrobe, we believe everyone needs at least two beautiful suits and a dinner jacket. There is a certain confidence that exudes in a well tailored suit. If you look good, you feel good and that confidence resonates in every aspect of your life. A custom suit shouldn’t make you feel like a mindless robot, but rather, should make you feel like a maestro conducting a symphony or a coach strategising a final play to win the game. There is a certain authority that comes with feeling good and we shouldn’t underestimate the power behind it.

What’s been inspiring the brand recently?

Authenticity. Authenticity and the slow fashion movement has been inspiring IZOTTI. Being a real brand with real people, we stand strong in our belief of made-to-order clothing, taking our time and being deliberate in our actions. We want to create the best customer experience at IZOTTI. We are a brand that stands for authenticity in every sense of the word. From our belief in sustainability, not just because it sounds relevant for the moment — we actually want to do our part. Elevating our customers’ personal style, and making them feel confident not just in how they look, but also that the brand they support truly cares and respects them.

all clothing. IZOTTI

all clothing. IZOTTI

What’s next for IZOTTI?

In addition to our concierge wedding services, we are going to launch our subscription shirt service. A curated selection of the highest quality t-shirts, button ups, and sweaters tailored made for our customers. We hope to bring a new demographic to bespoke tailoring and allow our customers another premium service to enhance their style and quality of life.

all clothing. IZOTTI

Discover more from IZOTTI on its website. Follow the label on Instagram.

direction + creative direction. Katharina Baron
d.o.p. Max Schmige
Nelson Diaz
Renzo @ Other Peoples Children
editing. Eric Tosstroff 
hair + make up. Aaron Barry + Carlos Zaragoza
agency. House of Baron
production. Durable Goods

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