speed girl

cape. Lanvin
top. Chet Lo
earrings. R & M Leathers


We’re soaring at the speed of sound through this Schön! online editorial by photographer Paul Perelka. Model Georgia Moot wears pieces from Lanvin, Chet Lo, Christian Louboutin and others styled by Ogun Gortan. Hair and make up for the editorial are by Marta Wozniak.

top. Chet Lo
shorts + earrings. R & M Leathers
boots. Christian Louboutin

bodysuit. Wolford
earrings. R & M Leathers
shoes. Toga

bra top, thong + earrings. R & M Leathers.
skirt. Le Kilt
shoes. Toga

jacket + trousers. Dilara Findikoglu
thong + earrings. R & M Leathers
shoes. Jimmy Choo
jacket. Dilara Findikoglu
earrings. R & M Leathers

coat. Toga
earrings. R & M Leathers

bra top + skirt. Mimi Wade
earrings. R & M Leathers
shoes. Christian Louboutin

dress. Toga
bra top + earrings. R & M Leathers
tights. Wolford
shoes. Ancuta Sarca
top + skirt. Chet Lo
earrings. R & M Leathers
gloves. Toga
boots. Dorateymur

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Paul Perelka
fashion. Ogun Gortan
model. Georgia Moot @ Present Model Management
hair + make up. Marta Wozniak
set design. Marcel Nieto
digital operator. Emma O’Brien
location. Shed London Studios

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