gloves. Matte Nolim

Get slick for this Schön! online editorial photographed by Armand Dicker. The creative team for this piece celebrate the burgeoning creative scene of South Africa, highlighting local fashion greats and more by dressing model Fifi Sarpong in looks from Matte Nolim, Gavin Rajah, Zachary Laidlaw and others styled by Anthony Hinrichsen, who also creative directed the piece alongside the photographer. Make up and grooming for the piece are by Amy-Louise Tourell

vest + shorts. Gavin Rajah
shoes. No Borders
hat. Crystal Birch
backpacks. Cape Cobra Leather Craft + Verse
bag. Rowdy Bags

trousers. Gavin Rajah
shoes. Kosmos
bag. Cape Cobra Leather Craft
coat. Zachary Laidlaw
trousers. Gavin Rajah
shoes. Kosmos
bag. Sanna

jacket. Happyville
dungaree. Dicker
sneakers. Diesel
crossbody bags. Verse
sling. Rich Mnisi
purse. Cape Cobra Leather Craft
jacket. Dicker
shoes. Kosmos
hat. Nao Serati
bag. Zachary Laidlaw

crop top. Zachary Laidlaw
purse. Cape Cobra Leather Craft
bomber. Maklele
socks + shorts. Dicker

top. Rich Mnisi
backpack. Cape Cobra Leather Craft

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography. Armand Dicker
fashion. Anthony Hinrichsen
creative direction. Anthony Hinrichsen + Armand Dicker
model. Fifi Sarpong @ Boss Models South Africa
make up + grooming. Amy-Louise Tourell
retouch. Aida Seifi
photography assistant. Aaishah Satchipia
fashion assistants. Ulindelwe Ratsibe + Songo Jizana
set assistant. Zachary Laidlaw
location. Hidden Gallery Studio

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