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We’ve been joined once again by our dear friends Sissi Pohle and Patrick Scherzer to explore the latest immersive, multi-media artistic experience from Calvin Klein, held in Paris this past weekend.

The weekend represented everything we love about Calvin Klein — versatility, excitement and a willingness to think outside the box that keeps us consistently intrigued by the label. From the brand’s experiential space at local arts and community venue 3537, Calvin Klein showcased a range of emerging artists, activists and free-thinkers, an experience we took in through the eyes of our hosts Sissi and Pat.

As the duo documented on our Instagram stories, the weekend’s events opened at the Calvin Klein store at 42 Rue des Francs Bourgeois in Le Marais, where the label’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection was on display. From there, the group made its way to the space where they were greeted by headlining musical act Bonnie Banane. 

But music wasn’t the only thing on the menu. Along with musical performances from the likes of Trop Nice, DJ Banga and DJ Jerry Bouthier came other creative outpourings. George Ka performed slam poetry. Twins Stessy&Cindy engaged in an incredible dance routine. Pierre Lamour provided additional poetry, and throughout the venue could be found the works of photographer JeanPaul Paula, designer and printmaker Diane Bresson, and artist/image maker Julen Iztueta.

Every contributor wore selections from the latest CK Underwear, Jeans and Sportswear collections — all of which is currently available at calvinklein.de and at Calvin Klein retail stores across France, including the Paris Flagship on 42 Rue des Francs Bourgeois. 

This incredible display of talent speaks to the creative ethos of Calvin Klein. With bold, progessive ideals paired with a modern, minimalist aesthetic, the brand provokes interesting discussions whilst being on the cutting edge of style and culture. Explore the space and weekend’s events through this photography by Pierre Mouton

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photography. Pierre Mouton

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