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full look. Paloma Wool

At Schön!, we are no strangers to 080 Barcelona Fashion. The exciting event highlighting the creative minds of the fashion scene in Barcelona and beyond is back in a digital format. Needless to say, the past year has been incredibly tough for designers and brands as they grapple with a new reality in an already difficult industry. With the cancellation of physical shows and fashion weeks due to COVID-19, we remain hopeful for the future by watching the 080 Barcelona Fashion talent present their recorded shows and performances from the famous Gaudí building Casa Milà (also known as La Pedrera). Now, let’s take a look back at the week and see some of our highlights.

full looks. Paloma Wool



Founded in 2014 by Paloma Lanna, Paloma Wool has taken the social media world by storm with psychedelic prints and popular knitted pieces. Fans will not be disappointed by SS21 ‘Atelier Amistad’, focused on “friendship and having grown up in the 90s”. Paloma Wool showcases new prints inspired by tattoos, fingerprints and more, earthy tones with pops of vibrant accessories and stylish dresses, skirts, trousers and cut-out tops with the Paloma Wool signature of originality. ‘Atelier Amistad’ also presented incredible installations collaborated on by an array of artists that push the boundaries of dimension and construction.

‘Paraiso means fun’ is the title of genderless brand Paraiso’s newest collection by designer Oscar Puig. Originally started as a men’s swimwear label in 2020, the brand later developed into ready-to-wear garments. “The inspiration we have sought was a statement of the values of the brand, that is why we have explored a lot of concepts like fun, carefree, pleasure,” Oscar Puig says of the collection. “We tell the story of a bon vivant that seeks pleasure in the simplest and smallest things.” The bright two-piece outfits, deconstructed denim trousers and crew neck t-shirts are just some of the garments that convey Paraiso’s energetic spirit.

full looks. The Label Edition

In 2019, founder and creative director Véronique Von Siebenthal and co-founder Laura Johansson established The Label Edition. The designers and luxury marketing experts share the inspiration behind their collection, ‘Love Echo’ which fuses ethics and stylish fashion essentials together: “The inspiration for this latest collection was born from the renaissance, from wanting to give importance to selfcare. ‘Love Echo’ which is a bit of the wave, the echo that love gives…maybe we have realised that transmitting, giving and sharing today is very important.” The Barcelona-based label presented frills and bows, structured and loose-fitting garments and lots of beautiful details that make up this chic, classic collection.

full looks. Victor Von Schwarz

In 2013, Victor von Schwarz founded his namesake label after finishing his design studies. Since then, the experienced fashion designer presented at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, collaborated with well-known brands, relocated to Taiwan and dressed numerous celebrities such as Jolin Tsai, ROSALÍA and more. For his new collection called ‘Disco 2000’, Victor says his inspiration stems from his “… adolescence or post-adolescent time. During the confinement what I did was to look at many photos from when I went out with my friends and all that. Now it’s the whole 2000s theme and I reinterpreted the 2000s that I lived through which was the time of Britpop, indie and all this world.” The usage of the pink and red colors alongside lace and tulle compliments the cherry pattern used in this daring yet sweet collection. Victor also explains the importance of wool in Disco 2000: “wool is very important to me because my parents are dedicated to making wool in Sabadell.”

full looks. LR3

LR3 was founded by Louis Rubí and Daniel Corrales. Louis Rubí has over 15 years of experience as a director of visual merchandising, collection coordinator, image director and more. Four years ago, the designer left his job and opened a fashion label consulting studio. A year after his career change, LR3 was born. “What we want is for the consumer to think about clothing in a different way, to slow down the processes” Rubí details, “that’s why we do not have a seasonal collection but a permanent collection.” The 10 patterns used in the brand’s debut show provide for a timeless, yet contemporary feel. “Each garment that is born in the collection, we put it on many people of different bodies, shapes, races, cultures, sexes, ages. What we think is important is that it’s not the garment on the person but the person wearing the garment,” expresses Rubí.

The Barcelona-based fashion designer Txell Miras studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and started her own brand in 2004. From 2003 to 2016, the designer worked for Neil Barrett’s women’s line, presented at London Fashion Week and won the Award for the Best Collection of 080 Barcelona Fashion in 2016. Her newest collection titled Zérkalo (which is the Russian word for “mirror”) is filled with reflection and futuristic elements. “It comes from a Tarkovski’s movie,” Txell Miras explains, “…it will be a kind of thriller with mystery touches, creating a reflection through the mirrors of egocentricity in social media. That need we all have to expose ourselves and to be seeing, if you don’t expose yourself, you don’t exist, you are nobody.” The social media element is transformed into a strong motif through reflective dresses, mirror-like accessories and face masks which work together with simple, yet elegant pieces.

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photography. Gaspar J. Ruiz Lindberg
words. Maya Orbach

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