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For decades, Ballroom has been a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ and BIPoC Community. Thirty years after Paris is Burning was shot in New York, the Ballroom scene is still very alive and is still very necessary.

In this documentary, Leo Adef portrays five personalities from the Berlin ballroom community who share their stories and values while exploring the ideas of beauty, dance and gender.

Ballroom means love, community, self-confidence and freedom of expression. It is a care network that is fighting for a better future with more diversity and respect.

Leo Adef (1990) is an Argentinian director and photographer based in Barcelona. His work explores identity, youth, sex and relationships through the eyes of the people that inspire him and who let him portray their stories, capturing their reality and mixing it with fantasy.

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

direction. Leo Adef
talent. Gifty Gucci, David Milan, Shayne Angels, Magia Prodigy + Christopher Saint Laurent
production. Spingun
spingun creative direction. Jack Sharp
addition production. Torge Hill + Dan Teterin
d.o.p. Marti Herrera
camera assistant. Philip Ratuschny
gaffer. Alex DePew
best girl. Phan Nguyen
sound on-set. Edgar Hill
fashion. Fabio Pace
fashion assistant. Helena Kuhnen
set design agency. RCKT
set design. Stefanie Grau, Jane Garbert + Oskar Klinkhammer
set design creative direction + concept. Joanne Schwarz
set design production. Vera Trigueros de Korff
decoration + drapage specialist. Carmen Scholle, Anatomie Fleur GbR, Amandine Cheveau + Jean-Christian Pullin Aquin
hair + make up. Berenice Ammann
hair + make up assistant. Jean Michel Battirola
concept + production. Oli Jopke + Amelie Goczoll @ STUDIO O 
creatives. Laura Angelone + Giulia Ricci
editor. Pau Luzon
editor assistant. Pol Marro
original soundtrack. ISAbella
voguing beats. Seven Angels
sound design. Silence Audio
colourist. Yulia Bulashenko
graphics. Gina Guasch Team
special thanks. Napalm Rentals

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