Schön! presents | ravenous


Ravenous for power, in this Schon! online video editorial, the powerful woman is futuristic, mysterious, stylish and has an edge. Directed by Gosha Gap and Artem Nikitin; Toni, Mira, Ruth, Vivien and Kate embody what it is to be a powerful woman adorned with looks curated by Rama and Inna.

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

direction. Gosha P + Artem N
creative direction + fashion. Rama M + Inna B
hair + make up. Tamara Y, Faya M + Nika B
models. Toni E @ Andy Fiord Models, Mira S + Ruth T @ Select Management, Vivien N + Kate N
special thanks to Refaced, Space Lock, Wowdrobe, S&S + Boho.Chiccc

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