Schön! presents | not(e) for a dreamer

“The main psychological conflict during adolescence lies between defining our identity and understanding our role in life,” says award-winning director Enrico Poli. “The goal of this stage is to answer [the] main question: “Who am I?” Antonio and I wanted to make a film the reflected this mood and its association with ‘the end of playtime’. Inspired by the new youth, Not(e) for a Dreamer is an observation and reflection of this important stage in life.”

This Schön! online exclusive was produced by

Direction / Enrico Poli 
Creative Direction / Antonio Labroca
Writing / Enrico Poli & Lucie Elliott
Cinematography / Enrico Poli & Lamberto Mongiorgi
Production / Chiara Giavarini & Ariyan Samarbakhsh @ Whitecoat
Edition / Oscar Gogerly
Costume Design and Brand /Antonio Labroca for M O N O – Y
Costume Design Assistant / Luca Martino 
Mini DV Footage / Guglielmo Profeti
Sound Design / Oscar Gogerly
Color Grading / Jax Harney @ CHEATIT 
Composition / Mahlon Berv
Cast / Matilde Benedusi & Giovanni Profeti
Distribution / Niccolò Montanari 


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