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Escape Day (A Gentle Wrestle) is a story about pushing yourself upon those you admire, past the point of tension. In a visual display of dance and contention, two women grapple with both strain and release, struggle and support. In the quest for mutual self-acceptance, there’s at first conflict, then respect, then admiration. No matter the tension, our two heroines are with each other, both battling and sharing strength and self-confidence.

dress. Moschino
dress + jacket. FERRETTI

dress. PH5


This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

photography + direction. Geoff Levy
fashion. Christine Nicholson
models. Brynn Bonner + Sharahya Carter
movement. Amy Gardner
hair. Andrita Renee
make up. Alana Wright
production. Molly Brunk + Richard Kim
edition. Mah Ferraz 
cinematography. Chris Tharp
music. Bri Levy 
colour. Brett Wayne Price


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