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coat. Maison Margiela
boots. Hunter
jacket. YOOX
tank top + boots. Yves Saint Laurent
trousers. Acne Studios
necklaces. Kismet by Milka

In a symphony of style, this Schön! editorial brings together the avant-garde allure of Maison Margiela, the timeless sophistication of Yves Saint Laurent, and the urban edge of Acne Studios, among other distinguished brands photographed by Lesha Lich with creative direction and fashion by Daniel Negron. Hair and make up by artist Kalina Kocemba.

jacket. Toteme
belt. Yves Saint Laurent
coat. Yves Saint Laurent

shirt. YOOX
turtleneck. Jil Sander
trousers. Alexander McQueen
full look. Moschino

full look. Ezzat
shoes. Christian Louboutin
blazer. Ezzat
shorts. Jil Sander
sandals. Birkenstock
socks. Helmut Lang

full look. Ezzat

This Schön! editorial has been produced by

photography. Lesha Lich @ MMG Artists
creative direction + fashion. Daniel Negron @ MMG Artists
model. Yassin Walhezi @ MMG Artists
hair + make up. Kalina Kocemba @ MMG Artists
fashion assistant. Afagh Esmaili @ MMG Artists


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