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The Social Ranking of Style is a social credit system.

Welcome to the stage, wave to the camera! Since now, no one can be hidden anymore. You are 24/7 on sight; this is a non-stop online show named LIFE. Andy Warhol predicted 15 minutes of fame for everyone, but we surpass his prophecy. We give you chance to be a Legend forever, and all you need is just to be yourself. The eyes of our AI are always on you — we know what you do, who you know, and what you wear.

We are shifting from Facial Recognition Technology to Fashion Recognition Technology (FRT). Your style can tell us about you more than your zodiac sign or your ID number. A quick scan of your outfit tells us more than the history of your bank account (but we know it as well).   

Your personality hides in the choices of the clothes that you wear, and our AI system analyses why you decided to wear, even if you didn’t think about it.

Don’t be afraid. Be brave, be gorgeous, be yourself! And smile, because all eyes are on you.

Camera roll… Action!

This Schön! online exclusive film is directed by Alexander Kaunas and creative directed by the director and Sabina Vitter, who also serves as the film’s stylist. Hair for the piece is by Alena and make up is by Anna Gadelia

This Schön! online exclusive has been produced by

direction. Alexander Kaunas
creative direction. Sabina Vitter + Alexander Kaunas
fashion. Sabina Vitter
talent. Yanamaste, Makuna Khatiashvili, Preston Zeng, Chinaboy, Kris, Solome Jokhadze, Anuka Melashvili, Anthony Cameron + Nicholas Wachetel
hair. Alena
make up. Anna Gadelia
production. Niubi
casting direction. Preston Zeng
cameraman. Einar Eidarov
colour. Nikyta Kutepov + Jarji Kavelashvili
cgi. Alex Blend + Alex Okulovsky
line production. Anuka Gauarashvili
music production. Eduard Antonoff


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