Schön! premieres | bosco’s “champagne”


Rising artist BOSCO is a vibrant breath of fresh air in contemporary R&B. Her sound is magnetic and transcends the constraints of genre. As a musician, she’s unafraid to experiment freely with nostalgic elements of her favourite musical influences. In the exclusive Schön! premiere of her latest video, Champagne, BOSCO comfortably drifts between echoing soul harmonies, funk rhythms, and retro guitar riffs. The technicoloured visual delight was shot and directed by BOSCO, a testament to her illuminating creative vision. Under the limits of quarantine, she’s translated the dream-like escapism of Champagne into a digital piece of theatre. Satin jazz hands and all. 

Champagne is the infectious opening track to BOSCO’s 2020 album Some Day This Will All Make Sense. It’s a modern disco throwback with a bouncing bassline and a drum tempo that feels like a sun-kissed stroll into BOSCO’s world. From singing in church to training in classical opera, the Georgia-native is no stranger to the art of performance and it shows in her musical fluidity. The track intertwines velvet vocals reminiscent of Solange with a melodic groove à la Thundercat and Steve Lacy. Each instrument on the single is crystalline and distinct yet plays in delicate harmony. For its ethereal production and transportive ambiance, Champagne is a highlight on BOSCO’s latest album and a shining example of how genre fusion is worth exploring. 

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photography. Mancy Grant
video direction. BOSCO & William C Nixon
talent. BOSCO
words. Shama Nasinde

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