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Prague is not just a city of beauty but of cultural richness. Nowhere is that clearer than the Czech capital’s music scene. On 27 June, the city’s youth gathered for a hot and electric celebration of techno with Telekom Electronic Beats who are hosting several free music events across Europe for their ‘Summer To Remember.’ Although Prague‘s big night out was planned to be held at Stalin in Letna Park which overlooks the city with a stunning sunset view, a wet evening meant the evening’s festivites were moved to Fuchs2 Club, where crowds showed up hungry to party and a queue quickly lined the block.

The lineup was a raver’s paradise featuring acts like Slovakian Kaa Glo who is a resident DJ at the club and Belgian duo Ascedant Vierge who ignited crowds with their magnetic stage presence. Producer Paul Seul’s heart pumping Gabba beats and lead singer Mathilde Fernandez’s operatic vocals made for a hypnotic fusion of delicate and hardcore. The group are a stellar example of genre experimentalism done well and are a testament to Telekom Electronic Beats’ knack for showcasing underground superstars that resonate with the youth of today.

Music’s current favourite DJ and singer HorsegiirL was the event headliner so the venue filled from wall to wall when she entered the stage. With horse and y2k imagery projected behind her, the heated crowd ecstatically bounced to her set in what felt like an inferno of joy. HorsegiirL’s set was refreshingly diverse ranging from hard techno to remixed Hip Hop beats. Most impressively, the artist kept her infamous horse mask on for the entire set under the immense heat of a room filled with a high energy audience. HorsegiirL’s equine aesthetic may be an acquired taste, but her live performance was a pleasant introduction to the many dimensions of the sound she’s built her fanbase on. In one night, TelekomElectronic Beats managed to capture an atmosphere of celebration, youthful freedom and a love for music.

photography. Ivan Kašša
words. Shama Nasinde
Special thanks to Telekom Electronic Beats

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