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Immerse your body in intangible olfactory depths with Louis Vuitton’s new fragrance collection, Les Parfums. Inspired by Maître Parfumeur Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud’s four-year expedition, this nomadic fragrance collection grasps sensory emotions from allover the globe, be it from a field of roses in Grasse, from the delicate tones of sambac jasmine which grows in China, to the precious woods of Laos.

The infusions range from Turbulences’ Tuberose flower with jasmine and leather, to Contre Moi’s combination of Tahitensis vanilla with a delicate tulle of orange flower, rose, magnolia petals and bitter cocoa. These bottled up moments are crystallised in different coloured washes. If choice is a torturous process, fear not – the mini set brings miniature vials together for you to indulge in every one. 

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Photography / Tom Brannigan
Art direction & beauty / Patrick Clark
Set Design / Zoe Klinck
Retouch / Studio Navona
Words / Annie Lord


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