suspending torso

leather hood + top. Karmuel Young
trousers. Sankuanz
sneakers. Louis Vuitton

Welcome to a world where the lines between the ethereal and the tangible blur — a celebration of the human form draped in exquisite artistry photographed by The Buffacow with fashion by SK Tang who styles model Kris Ng in looks by Louis Vuitton, Prada, Loewe and others.

full look. Prada
top. Loewe
shorts + socks. Louis Vuitton
shoes. Prada

full look. Bottega Veneta

shirt. SUNNEI
top underneath. JW Anderson
shorts. Louis Vuitton
boots. Bottega Veneta

full look. Prada
full look. Balenciaga

full look. Louis Vuitton

sweater (wrapped around neck). Dior Men
leather top + shirt. ZEGNA
trousers. Vetements
shoes. Louis Vuitton

This Schön! editorial has been produced by

photography + creative direction. The Buffacow
fashion. SK Tang
model. Kris Ng @ BAKE Talent Management
casting direction. Michael Cheung
gaffer. SING
fashion assistant. Jasmine Lo
lighting assistant. Mike Lam


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