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With her latest album Jaguar II, R&B star Victoria Monét is paving the way for the genre to have a golden resurgence. Hailing from Sacramento, her album serves as both a warm introduction to her sumptuous sound and a metaphor for her climb to stardom. Since writing for hitmakers like BLACKPINK, Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande, she knows a thing or two about crafting a hit track.

Now, with her own album soaring the charts, she’s happy to see that her years of producing quality music for huge stars as a songwriter, and making timeless R&B pop songs of her own, are resonating with the mainstream. “It’s really fulfilling and affirming,” she states to us for her Schön! 45 digital cover story. “You work really hard at something, and you write down certain goals and then you realise that some of those things are being checked off. So, my goal is to stay present [and] in the moment.” 

Serving as an “ode to anybody who feels like they’ve been in the background for a while or haven’t been seen for who they really are,” Jaguar II uses the animal to represent her own path in the music industry. “The jaguar has been in the jungle and behind the scenes covered by the leaves, and then there’s always a moment when they decide to strike and step into the light, beat the hunters and get what they came for.” In turn, Monét has been able to find her own footing and path while also paying homage to the greats and ensuring that, even if she blends hip-hop, Funk and Soul, R&B is still at the root of everything she does. “My biggest example that I want to set for her is that no dream is too big, and no situation is too difficult to get out of.” 

Victoria Monét will be on The Jaguar Tour until 15th November.

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